Rocco from Born This Way: Everything you need to know

Rocco is beaming as he is assigned to be the ring bearer at Cristina and Angel's wedding
Rocco is beaming as he is assigned to be the ring bearer at Cristina and Angel’s wedding. Pic credit: A&E

The finale of the latest season of A&E’s Emmy-winning series Born This Way sees toddler Rocco as the ring bearer at co-star Cristina and her partner Angel’s wedding.

The adorable 3-year-old son of Chris Keller and Amy Amaradio has captured hearts and new fans in his day-to-day doings.

The Laguna Beach, California, family were apprehensive at first to see if Rocco was a good fit for the show.

But in an emotional interview with the Orange County Register, his mum Amy Amaradio watched the series and had a change of heart.

She said: “I think I cried the entire episode because it just hit so many emotions for me as a mom who has a son with Down syndrome…I was happy, sad, all those emotions.

“And I realized after that first episode, this is a good, good show. It’s not exploiting these young adults, it’s just raising awareness and showing that people with Down syndrome can do whatever they put their hearts and minds to.”

Rocco is described by his family as a social being who loves affection. He is mischievous and, according to his parents, possesses a “beautiful heart”, showing a lot of empathy and exhibiting real caring.
His mother Amy says: “He’s always trying to put a smile on others’ faces.”
With his disability, Rocco takes a little longer to learn and gets frustrated like any child when things are hard to accomplish. But he is resilient and keeps trying, according to his parents.
Amy added: “Rocco is an emotional little dude, he has the same feelings and goes through the same emotions as you and I.
“The extra chromosome sure does make Rocco who he is and we would never change him, he really is so special to us!”

At the highly anticipated wedding of Angel and Cristina, emotions run high as fans see the couple in the days leading up to their wedding.

A wider shot showing how Rocco is delighting all who attend the wedding
A wider shot showing Rocco carrying the ring as guests and some of the Born This Way cast look on. Pic credit: Michael Radford for A&E

Their big day is a no-miss momentous event which the couple celebrated with their families and, of course, the entire Born This Way cast.

The groundbreaking series provides an unvarnished and honest look at a diverse group of young men and women with Down syndrome.  They pursue their dreams, from weddings to college, and have strong families who love and support them regardless of the obstacles they were handed in life.

Friendships, romantic relationships, and work are shown as the group defy society’s expectations. The series has lent a voice to the parents of  children with Down syndrome, offering a support group, in essence, to connect other families of similar children so they know there is much joy in raising a child with challenges to exceed expectations and live independent lives.

Tune in to see Rocco melt everyone’s heart as he brings the ring to the wedding couple tonight!

Born This Way airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on A&E.

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