Born This Way stars discuss love, relationships and sexuality on show

Cristina and Angel dancing with co-star Megan in the background
Cristina and her boyfriend Angel dance on this week’s episode of Born This Way

Tonight on A&E’s Born This Way, the stars discuss relationships, love and sexuality.

Watch footage from the episode below as Sean expresses his love for Megan, who had been going on dates with his best friend Steven before things turned south between them.

During a dance Sean hands her a rose, and in an interview tells producers just how he feels.

But Megan’s mom warns her about sending him the wrong signals and hurting his feelings.

Meanwhile at the dance Rachel also receives a rose from a fellow attendee, and Cristina tells her long-term boyfriend Angel: “We have to talk about sex.”

The episode, titled What Love Means, also sees her parents Mariano and Bea struggle as they try to communicate with her about her sexuality.

Born This Way airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on A&E. 

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