Born This Way star Angel’s diagnosis: All you need to know

Angel and Cristina on Born This Way
Angel and Cristina on Born This Way. Pic credit: A&E

Angel Callahan married Cristina Sanz on the Born This Way season finale on A&E last night.

The show follows people with Down syndrome, but unlike Cristina and the rest of the cast Angel is said to have Dubowitz syndrome.

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Dubowitz syndrome is a very rare disorder that is both genetic and developmental. According to, it can affect things such as a person’s growth and the characteristics of the face, however each case is unique in its effects.

Symptoms are sometimes noticed before a baby is born, and other times after birth.

The Season 4 finale of Born This Way was an emotional one for the couple, following the lead-up to their big day before showing them tying the knot.

Angel and Cristina’s relationship has been one of the big storylines of the Emmy-winning show, and their wedding was a huge moment for fans.

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