Sunny Hostin questioned for being a ‘mean girl’ to Alyssa Farah Griffin

The ladies on The View do not always get along with each other, although they try to keep things nice on air. Some of the ladies get along better with others, like Whoopi Goldberg, who is best friends with Sara Haines. Sunny Hostin loves shopping with Joy Behar and shared how she introduced Joy to


Alyssa Farah Griffin speaks out about her weight gain

After a long hiatus, the ladies on The View are back and looking refreshed and youthful. People could not stop commenting on how great Whoopi Goldberg looked and how much weight she had lost. Joy Behar had a lousy time with COVID-19 and was back, although she told Brian Teta on his podcast, The View:


The View fans ask Alyssa Farah Griffin when will she announce her pregnancy

The View has been on hiatus during this holiday week, and Alyssa Farah Griffin has been busy posting on her Instagram about her travels with her husband, Justin Griffin. Alyssah and her husband have just celebrated their second anniversary, so the common topic of when she will start her family has come up repeatedly. Fans


Alyssa Farah Griffin turns her nose up at this royal Christmas card

Alyssa Farah Griffin is causing a stir online for a reason other than a possible pregnancy. Lately, The View co-host has been thought to be pregnant by fans on social media and even by Whoopi Goldberg. Alyssa had not said anything about it other than when Whoopi asked her on the air, and she told


Here’s why Alyssa Farah Griffin’s fans are consoling her on social media

Alyssa Farah Griffin, co-host of The View, cannot escape the speculation that she may be pregnant. Having just celebrated her second anniversary with her husband, Justin Griffin, people keep asking. She has been hiding behind objects or cue cards on the set and has altered her outfits. As reported by Monsters and Critics, fans are


The View fans think Alyssa Farah Griffin is pregnant

Alyssa Farah Griffin is the youngest member of The View co-host panel. This gives her the distinction of being the only millennial in the crew. She just celebrated her second anniversary with her husband, Justin Griffin, and the pregnancy rumors have been swirling. Whoopi Goldberg asked her live on the show if she was expecting.


The View co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin seemingly answers pregnancy rumors

Alyssa Farah Griffin is the youngest panelist on The View. At 34 years old, she is firmly in the millennial camp. The other ladies range from Sara Haines at 45 to Joy Behar at 81. Viewers are calling for a younger set of ladies on The View as Whoopi Goldberg has widened the divide between


Here’s why The View fans think Alyssa Farah Griffin in pregnant

Alyssa Farah Griffin is a favorite co-host on The View. She recently celebrated her second wedding anniversary with her husband, Justin Griffin. The couple has no children, but that doesn’t stop people from asking about their plans for a family. Fans are eager to hear news about whether Alyssa is expecting a baby or not.


Alyssa Farah Griffin invites fans to support her new gig away from The View

The View does a lot to promote authors. They have them on the show; they talk about their books, and offer recommendations on what to read. Recently, Jada Pinkett Smith made the morning talk show rounds to recommend her new book, Worthy. It caused quite a controversy amongst the co-hosts. Alyssa Farah Griffin especially. She