Here’s why Alyssa Farah Griffin’s fans are consoling her on social media

Alyssa Farah Griffin on ABC
Alyssa Farah Griffin’s fan are consoling her on Instagram. Pic credit: ABC

Alyssa Farah Griffin, co-host of The View, cannot escape the speculation that she may be pregnant. Having just celebrated her second anniversary with her husband, Justin Griffin, people keep asking.

She has been hiding behind objects or cue cards on the set and has altered her outfits. As reported by Monsters and Critics, fans are asking about baby news.

She has even missed a day here and there, and the grand dame of The View, Whoopi Goldberg, has asked her on the air about the possibility of a baby coming.

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Alyssa uses Instagram to show fun things and also to send messages to her fans, both subtle and blatant.

She posted a photo of her husband with a drink in front of him, and the next image in the slideshow was of her and what could be an alcoholic drink. This could be construed as a sign that she is not expecting.

She recently used her Instagram as a message about social media being a “highlight reel” and not real life.

Alyssa’s post on Instagram had fans wanting to make her feel better

Brian Teta, executive producer of The View and the podcast host for The View: Behind the Table, asked Alyssa about this post on her Instagram.

Alyssa explained in the caption of her Instagram post that she had a “crappy day.” She went on to say, “It happens. Whether it’s what’s going on in the world, the holiday season, or just life, this isn’t always an easy time of year for everyone despite what the movies say.”

She told Brian that she was feeling dead, had a tough day at work, and didn’t feel as happy as she looked in the photo with the elves. She finished that thought by saying we “all need to be easier on each other.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin’s Instagram

This post caused her fans to come to comfort her. In a sampling of posts, user @jfherbison said in part, “I hope you have a better week…” and another, @rebka_7, said, “Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!”

Fans of ALyssa farah Griffin on Instagram
Fans console Alyssa after a sad post. Pic credit: @jfherbison/@rebka_7/Instagram

A simple reality show is how Alyssa escapes the day to day life

In an earlier podcast episode, Alyssa admitted using reality television as “escapism” and that her favorite is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

She is especially taken with the Kyle Richards/Mauricio Umanasky storyline. Kyle is hinting at a romance with a woman, Morgan Wade.

This is incredibly fascinating to Alyssa. She has even brought it up to her husband and revealed something shocking to him and the podcast listeners.

If she and Justin ever broke up, she would entertain a relationship with a woman. This daydreaming over a reality show is a form of escapism for her, she revealed to Brian.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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