The View fans think Alyssa Farah Griffin is pregnant

Alyssa Farah Griffin on The View.

Alyssa Farah Griffin is the youngest member of The View co-host panel. This gives her the distinction of being the only millennial in the crew.

She just celebrated her second anniversary with her husband, Justin Griffin, and the pregnancy rumors have been swirling.

Whoopi Goldberg asked her live on the show if she was expecting. An embarrassed Alyssa blurted out, “No, oh my God!”

Then, she said it was the wrong time to ask her because her mother-in-law was in the audience, and she was dying for her to get pregnant.

Then, a short time later, Alyssa missed shooting The View during the week. Of course, her sharp-eyed fans noticed she was missing and took to social media to ask what happened to Alyssa.

The show is just before Thanksgiving, and fans are asking again, “Alyssa, are you expecting?”

Fans notice Alyssa seems to be hiding her baby bump

During a live segment with Tika the Iggy, an Italian Greyhound turned internet star, Alyssa wore a red dress and carried her cue cards in front of her in a very telling way.

The segment can be seen on The View’s official YouTube Channel.

The View on YouTube.

Alyssa admitted she “wore red just to fit in with you guys.”

Immediately, fans flocked to X, formerly known as Twitter, to ask questions and share their speculations.

Fans of The View on X
Fans of The View on X. Pic credit: @Beverly64225111/@marieptoto/@Buzzby48/X

User @Beverly6422511 asked the relevant question, “Is Alyssa pregnant?” Then @marieptoto replied with a resounding, “Yes!” Then @Buzzby48 made a good observation, “Alyssa seems to be hiding her stomach a lot with her arms and hands. Was Whoopi right when she asked if she was pregnant?”

A fan of The View on X.
A fan of The View on X. Pic credit: @tamikaharley/X

User @tamikaharley weighs in on her thoughts from the past few weeks, “because of her wardrobe choices…” and when she called out of work last week, I figured it was due to morning sickness.”

Alyssa posts a cryptic photo of herself as a child on Instagram

The last time people thought she was expecting, Alyssa posted a photo of her dog on Instagram, saying she was sick at home.

She also answered the question by posting a photo of her and a glass of what could be an alcoholic drink. As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, this put the question of her pregnancy to rest.

Now, Alyssa may be sending a new message. On her Instagram stories, she posted a couple of pictures of Thanksgiving. And she included one of her as a little girl.

Alyssa Farah Griffin throwback photo on Instagram
Alyssa Farah Griffin on Instagram. Pic credit: @alyssafarah/Instagram

She captioned it, “The vibe I’ll be bringing everyday from now until Christmas.” It shows a young girl who could be Alyssa, sitting on Santa’s lap.

Fans are hoping that confirmation of a baby will come from Alyssa soon.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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