Alyssa Farah Griffin speaks out about her weight gain

Alyssa Farah Griffin on The View
Alyssa Farah Griffin speaks out about her weight gain. Pic credit: ABC

After a long hiatus, the ladies on The View are back and looking refreshed and youthful.

People could not stop commenting on how great Whoopi Goldberg looked and how much weight she had lost.

Joy Behar had a lousy time with COVID-19 and was back, although she told Brian Teta on his podcast, The View: Behind the Table, that she was tired.

Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines looked refreshed after the long hiatus.

Fans were hoping that when Alyssa Farah Griffin returned, she would give an update on whether or not she was expecting. Many people think she may be; even Whoopi asked her live on a show.

But instead of announcing anything like that, she shared some other news with Brian Teta on the aftershow podcast.

Alyssa says she gained weight with her time on The View

After the first new show of the year, Alyssa was the guest on Brian Teta’s podcast.

Brian Teta asked Alyssa if she had any resolutions for the New Year. He wanted to know if she was the type to make lists or what she did.

She told Brian that her wants for the new year include items related to health and wellness.

She said that she sees herself “spiraling” and wants to limit her screen time because she gets a lot of scrutiny and hate.

Another thing that troubled her that she wants to change is what she called “The View Five,” meaning the five pounds she gained.

Usually, people talk about the “Freshman Fifteen,” or as she mentioned, the crew calls it “The View Five.” This is typically the extra weight people gain when going to college for the first time.

She wanted to lose that extra weight, so she made it one of her New Year’s resolutions.

Alyssa and her husband, Justin, vacationed in the Smokey Mountains

Alyssa mentioned that during the hiatus for The View, she and her husband got away from everyone in the Great Smokey Mountains. She took her adorable dog, Herbie, with them.

Alyssa made sure to mention to Brian that she needed the time with her husband and dog before they spent the end of the holiday with her extended family.

She said she needed to “protect her peace.”

Photos like this caused speculation that Alyssa was expecting a baby. For several months, Alyssa was pictured hiding behind something.

Now, it seems that instead of covering a baby bump, she was hiding her “The View Five,” as she calls the five pounds she gained while on the show.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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