The View fans speculate on Whoopi Goldberg’s weight loss

Whoopi Goldberg at a random event.
Whoopi Goldberg’s fans notice her weight loss and wonder how she did it. Pic credit: ©

The View was back today after a long break for the holiday season, and fans were excited to see their favorites back in their seats.

The ladies, all except for Ana Navarro, were in great spirits for the show.

Ana is not slated to return until Friday, which will be a great day. The crew are all celebrating her birthday then.

Her birthday is always during the break from the show, so it is celebrated when she returns every year.

The ladies looked well-rested on the show, and people went wild talking about Whoopi Goldberg’s apparent weight loss.

Whoopi’s transformation was the most spoken about on social media when The View dropped Whoopi’s latest photo on Instagram.

Fans ask if the weight loss is from Ozempic use

Ozempic is on everyone’s lips and mind lately. Celebrities are coming out and saying they are using the popular diabetes-turned-weight loss drug without feeling ashamed.

Even The View’s own Ana Navarro has been thought to have used Ozempic, as previously reported on Monsters and Critics.

This time, fans have taken to Reddit to speculate on Whoopi and her great-looking, youthful appearance.

A fan asked if any of the show’s co-hosts had said anything about Whoopi and her weight loss, writing, “She’s considerably smaller than at the start of the season, yet no mention on the show that I’ve seen.”

Another fan seemed to know why, commenting, “I’m sure she is on Ozempic.”

The View fans speculate about Whoopi Goldberg on Reddit
The View fans speculate about Whoopi Goldberg on Reddit. Pic credit: @u/titter222/Reddit

Another fan loved that Whoopi had her hair pulled back and that we “got to see her beautiful face again.”

Another alluded to a medical reason and hoped it was Ozempic, “her weight looks unhealthy.”

A final viewer speculated that she was taking something and concluded, “If it makes her happier and healthier, then good for her.”

The View fans think Whoopi Goldberg is on Ozempic or something.
The View fans speculate about Whoopi Goldberg on Reddit. Pic credit: @u/titter222/Reddit

Fans cannot stop commenting on how great Whoopi looks

The social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, was full of compliments for all of the ladies on The View today, most of them for Whoopi.

The View fans on Twitter sharing their feeling about Whoopi Goldberg.
Pic credit: @brannona/X

One fan started a thread by saying, “Whoopi’s face looks great #TheView.”

This led to someone else replying, “The hair frames it fabulously #TheView.” A third agreed with them both.

Whoopi, who has said she lives as if she is already retired, takes excellent care of herself.

She has even written a book about aging named Two Old Broads that explains her philosophy about aging and how she cares for herself.

Everyone can agree that what she does is working, judging by all the comments she got today.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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