The View fans think Ana Navarro’s weight loss is due to Ozempic

Ana Navarro of The View
Fans question how Ana Navarro lost her weight. Pic credit: ABC

Ana Navarro has lost a lot of weight, has recently undergone several beauty treatments, and does not mind showing off her new body.

The View co-host posted videos on Instagram of herself scantily clad during her Thanksgiving working vacation in Panama. She even showed a gnarly-looking scar on her knee.

As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, Ana has admitted to using Botox injections as part of her beauty routine. Ana tries her best to take care of herself.

She has also admitted on her Instagram that she does a treatment called Morpheous8, which is a type of microneedling treatment. The purpose of these treatments is to keep the skin looking young.

She admitted to The Daily Mail that she has lost 4-5 pounds a month since she has been on this weight loss kick.

Ana proudly showed off her new slim figure at the White House Christmas party. At the holiday party, she took several pictures with her good friend, Lee Schrager.

Fans question Ana’s weight, asking if she does Ozempic

Ana looked beautiful in her sparkly black pants. She said of herself in her Instagram post, “It’s the first time in my life, I wear sequin pants… felt like Latina Liza Minelli.”

Ana’s fans on Instagram started to weigh in on how great she looked in front of the Christmas tree at the White House.

They also asked if the weight loss was due to the diabetes-turned-diet drug Ozempic.

Ozempic is controversial because it was initially created to treat type 2 diabetes and is not being used off-label for weight-loss benefits.

Holly Robinson Peete and another fan of Ana Navarro on Instagram
Instagram interaction between Ana Navarro, Holly Robinson Peete, and a fan. Pic credit: @hollyrpeete/@ananavarrofl/@carolacorreab/Instagram

Holly Robinson Peete told Ana on Instagram, “Those pants are cute girl!”

Ana replied to her, “Girl, I was worried my thighs would rub, and I’d end up trailing sequins behind me. But my thighs don’t rub no more!”

A fan, @carolacorreab, said, “Who do [sic] skinny! Are you doing the Ozempec [sic] shots or any of them?”

Another fan, @a413_, chose to post the word “Ozempic” with a needle emoji next to it.

Fan of Ana Navarro on Instagram
A fan inferring Ana uses Ozempic. Pic credit: @a413_/Instagram

Ana has not replied to any of the Ozempic questions.

Ana reveals her Christmas plans

Whoopi Goldberg was in rare form on the show recently. She asked the ladies about their Christmas traditions and broke out into a comedic voice, and Joy Behar likened it to a “Queen Elizabeth” voice.

The hilarious exchange can be seen on The View’s YouTube channel.

Ana revealed her holiday plans. She wants to start a new tradition: “Travel for Christmas!”

She admitted to the ladies that she finds hosting the holidays time-consuming and stressful and said she would have no Christmas tree at home.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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