Sunny Hostin questioned for being a ‘mean girl’ to Alyssa Farah Griffin

Sunny Hostin at an event
A fan questions if Sunny Hostin is acting like a mean girl to Alyssa Farah Griffin. Pic credit: ©

The ladies on The View do not always get along with each other, although they try to keep things nice on air.

Some of the ladies get along better with others, like Whoopi Goldberg, who is best friends with Sara Haines.

Sunny Hostin loves shopping with Joy Behar and shared how she introduced Joy to sample sales in NYC with Brian Teta.

Apart from the occasional dinner date with Sara Haines, which gets shared on Instagram, Alyssa Farah Griffin seems left out of the cliques.

Fans are starting to notice how left-alone Alyssa is on The View, especially during this highly political season since she is the lone Republican.

Some fans question if Sunny Hostin is being a “mean girl” to Alyssa because of what was noticed as the ladies walk out on stage.

Sunny seems to hold back and let Alyssa walk in alone

A fan shared a short clip on Reddit showing Alyssa walking onstage along while Sunny stays back to chat with Joy before coming out.

The fan of The View captioned her post, “She does it again…” making it seem like Sunny has done this before.

One fan clarified, “Do you mean Sunni [sic] lets Alyssa walk out by herself…Is Sunni [sic] being a mean girl?”

If Sunny does this and allows Alyssa to come onstage alone, it could mean she is trying to distance herself from her.

A fan posted on Reddit asking if Sunny Hostin is being a mean girl.
A fan on Reddit asks if Sunny Hostin is being a ‘mean girl.’ Pic credit: u/Ok_Tumbleweed5040/Reddit

Another fan said Sunny may not like Alyssa and said, “It’s her right not to like Alyssa, but she could at least act like an adult and walk out behind Alyssa without making it so obvious…”

Other fans think it’s perfectly OK for Sunny to keep her distance from Alyssa. One fan clarified that Alyssa should be glad Sunny even looked in her direction.

Then one last fan said, “Exactly, I can imagine how difficult it is for Sunny to have to work with this impostor, knowing full well what kind of person she is. She behaves towards her more professionally than I want her to.”

Fans react to Sunny Hostin on Reddit
Fans react to Sunny Hostin’s actions on The View. Pic credit: u/Ok_Tumbleweed5040/Reddit

Sunny shared that she was riled up on the podcast

Sunny appeared on the podcast The View: Behind the Table with Brian Teta, revealing that she is not a morning person.

It could be that Sunny fights with her co-hosts on the show, as she did with Sara Haines last month, because she is in a mood so early in the morning.

She told Brian she was “riled up” on the show lately and hoped it wasn’t coming through on the screen. She then admitted to staying quiet during the hot topic segment so people would not notice her mood.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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1 month ago

Sunny has been cutting off people especially the last two days. She would not let Alyssa talk she kept talking over her. Sunny thinks she knows everything. She is just rude. They all treat Alyssa like crap.