Wonder Woman 1984: What happens in the post credits to the new DCEU movie

Wonder Woman 1984
Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984. Pic credit: Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman 1984 hit theaters on Christmas Day as well as premiering on HBO Max, the first major comic book movie since Birds of Prey early in 2020.

For anyone wanting to know if they need to watch the credits to see a post-credit scene, we have good news for you.

Small spoilers will follow for Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984 post-credit scene

We reported last week that there was a post-credit scene after Wonder Woman 1984, but it was not included in the advanced screeners that went out to the press before the movie was released.

That is because the post-credit scene was a fun Easter egg for long-time fans of Wonder Woman.

During the movie, Diana was losing her powers due to the ancient powers that Maxwell Lord ended up using on the world. However, while trying to pin down where Lord was, Diana revealed to Steve Trevor a suit of armor she found.

According to the history of the Amazon Warriors, they escaped from the world of men, but that was not an easy task. As a result, they needed someone to fight off the evil warriors trying to kill them as they escaped.

Each of the warriors chipped in and built a suit of armor that was almost impenetrable, and one warrior wore it and fought off the attackers so the Amazons could escape to Themyscira.

This warrior was Asteria, and she was thought to have perished while protecting her fellow warriors. Diana went looking for her, but all she found was the armor, which she kept in her home.

Diana ended up wearing the armor and used it to battle Cheetah, as seen in the trailers.

However, there is one post-credit scene in Wonder Woman 1984, and it happens midway through the credits.

A woman is walking through a marketplace, and when a pole almost falls onto some bystanders, she catches it with one hand and holds it until someone can secure it.

We think it is Wonder Woman, but when a woman asks how she did that, Lynda Carter turns around and smiles, introducing herself as Asteria and saying she has years of practice.

That is the only post-credit scene, but it was a fun one for Wonder Woman fans.

Who is Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman?

For those younger fans, Lynda Carter starred as Wonder Woman in the TV show that ran from 1975-1979. There were three seasons with 59 episodes and one movie pilot.

She also recently appeared in Supergirl on The CW as U.S. president Olivia Marsdin.

Wonder Woman 1984 is in theaters now and is also streaming on HBO Max for the next 31 days.

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