Justice League debuts to lower viewership than Wonder Woman 1984

The Snyder Cut may be a hit, but it couldn’t quite beat out the Amazon. New data indicates that Zack Snyder’s Justice League premiere on HBO Max had a huge debut that outdid The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s premiere. Yet it still couldn’t top the HBO Max debut of Wonder Woman 1984.  The numbers


Wonder Woman 1984 review: Diana is back to save us from the ’80s

Wonder Woman 1984 had a lot to live up to. After the DCEU started with a whimper as fans fought over whether they wanted grimdark superhero tales or ones more in line with the spirit of the comic book characters they portrayed, Wonder Woman finally did it right. It looked like the DCEU would implode


Wonder Woman 1984’s new bad guy Maxwell Lord is The Mandalorian

Wonder Woman 1984 has come out in theaters, and there are two bad guys this time around, as she has to battle the power-hungry Maxwell Lord and the envious Cheetah. While it is easy to recognize Cheetah as Kristen Wigg of Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters fame, it is a little harder to recognize who


Wonder Woman 1984: What happens in the post credits to the new DCEU movie

Wonder Woman 1984 hit theaters on Christmas Day as well as premiering on HBO Max, the first major comic book movie since Birds of Prey early in 2020. For anyone wanting to know if they need to watch the credits to see a post-credit scene, we have good news for you. Small spoilers will follow


Here is when Wonder Woman 1984 will arrive on HBO Max on Christmas Day

Wonder Woman 1984 will do the unthinkable this Christmas. The DCEU movie, an easy $1 billion box office hit, will release in theaters and for free on HBO Max for subscribers on the same day. While this will cost the movie studio hundreds of millions of dollars in box office revenue, it is a nice


Wonder Woman 1984 trailer song is a remix of New Order’s Blue Monday

The first trailer for Warner Bros. and DC Films’ Wonder Woman 1984 is out, and it is jam-packed with action. It also features, as one might expect from a movie set in 1984, a remix of a 1980s classic tune. The sequel is set over 60 years after the original Wonder Woman (2017).  In the