Wonder Woman 1984 trailer breakdown: First look at Barbara Ann Minerva, Golden Eagle armor, and Landmark Mall

gal gadot as wonder woman in 1984 trailer
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in sequel film set for 2020. Pic credit: Warner Bros./YouTube

Warner Bros. released the first official Wonder Woman 1984 trailer on Sunday and brought with it glimpses of what’s to come in the anticipated sequel.

It includes more of Gal Gadot in her title role as well as several new villains, including Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva. There’s also several shots of Wonder Woman as she appears in her battle-ready Golden Eagle armor.

Wonder Woman trailer: Minerva, Steve, Golden Armor

Saturday Night Live alumni Kristen Wiig has joined the DCEU superhero world. Wiig features early on in the new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer in the role of Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva.

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She’s having a conversation with Diana Prince about leading an unordinary life, but it’s unknown how the two met initially.

In the comics, Minerva is an archaeologist and British but is American in the new film. Diana is a museum curator, so it makes sense they could meet up due to their day jobs and then battle it out later.

Viewers only see Wiig in her role as Minerva, and there’s no reveal of her alter ego Cheetah in the trailer. That is probably coming in a future trailer from Warner Bros. to help hype the film’s release.

However, the trailer brings a few other cool reveals. That includes a surprising reunion between Diana and the thought-to-be-deceased Steve Trevor.

In addition to the two sharing an embrace, they also share a moment flying in a jet. Comic enthusiasts are hopeful it’s the jet that many fans are familiar with.

In terms of setting, the trailer brings viewers to the ’80s, in a similar venue as the recent third season of Stranger Things. Wonder Woman will have at least one sequence involving the Landmark Mall, giving many viewers a nostalgic flashback of the popular ’80s hangouts.

The setting also provides the title character with plenty of room to slide, kick, punch, swing, and take it to the bad guys.

One of those main bad guys is Maxwell Lord, a business tycoon portrayed by none other than Pedro Pascal of Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian. Yes, this is what he can look like when he’s minus that shiny armored suit.

He’ll likely provide the evil plan that Diana will have to thwart in the sequel film.

Speaking of armor, another major reveal in the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer involves the superhero in her iconic Golden Eagle armor.

According to Cinemablend, that armor’s inspiration was the Kingdom Come story written by Mark Waid with illustration from Alex Ross. As seen in the trailer, the armor features wings that detach.

These wings mean she may be doing some flying. After all, Superman can’t have all the fun taking to the air for the Justice League crew.

Here’s a look at Wonder Woman as she shines in all her glory in the glowing suit on screen. Could this be part of an epic fight scene between the superhero and her nemesis Cheetah?

Additionally, some scenes show Diana’s homeland, as well as plenty of sequences involving the Golden Lasso. In one of those scenes, viewers will see Diana swinging through a stormy sky, seeming to latch on to a lightning bolt.

Overall, it packs a punch and has viewers ready to fast forward to June 2020 already.

Warner Bros. prepping for another blockbuster

This film will be the ninth released as part of the DCEU. Just like the first film, the Wonder Woman sequel could very well give Warner Bros. a significant hit at the box office next year.

It doesn’t appear there’s any sign of superhero fatigue when it comes to what moviegoers will see. Marvel’s Captain Marvel was also a significant blockbuster this past year, which featured a female lead character.

Superhero films with female leads are becoming the latest driving force in terms of comic books translated to the big screen. Scarlett Johansson will reprise her role as Black Widow in a film with the same name.

That happens a month earlier in the same year as WW84, so it will probably mean big money for both studios. Based on reactions to both trailers, fans are already on board.

Check out the complete Wonder Woman 1984 trailer below for a closer look at all of the above and more.

Wonder Woman 1984 – Official Trailer

Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters on June 5, 2020.

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