The Flash movie finally begins production after many delays

The Flash movie begins production New Featured.
Pic credit: Warner Bros.

It’s been a tumultuous back and forth when it comes to the DC Extended Universe. With many changes since its inception, the shared movie universe of DC Comics characters was an interesting idea. 

With Zack Snyder’s Justice League finally released, that iteration of the stories and characters might be over. However, there’s a new beginning on the horizon, especially now that The Flash movie is in production. 

The Flash movie went through many changes in cast, director, and scripts. 

The Flash movie was seemingly one of the victims of the ever-changing landscape of the DCEU. Previously, Ben Affleck was set to star, direct, and write a solo Batman movie with his version of the character.

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After a lot of changes, the end result is Robert Pattinson starring The Batman, which will release in 2022. That movie features a younger Batman and is not set in the same universe as Affleck’s. 

Then there was the Cyborg movie, which no longer looks like a possibility, given the troubled between WB and Ray Fisher.

The Flash movie begins production Miller.
Pic credit: Warner Bros.

Then comes Ezra Miller’s Flash. The Flash had a revolving door of directors that came and went since the project was first announced. 

The current director is now Andy Muschietti with Ezra Miller still set to star. And now, a Deadline report confirms that the movie has begun production in London. 

Which version of The Flash movie is in production? 

The Flash movie begins production Keaton.
Pic credit: Warner Bros.

The Flash movie has gone through many iterations. However, there is no news on which script is being shot or produced. 

Initial plans mentioned that the movie would be adapting the comic book storyline of Flashpoint Paradox. New reports state that the story will be bringing the concept of a Multiverse to the big screen. 

The Flash movie is also reportedly bringing back Micheal Keaton to portray his iteration of Batman from 1989. Along with Ben Affleck reprising his role from the current DCEU version. 

Barry Allen’s (Ezra Miller) father was originally played by Billy Crudup in both iterations of Justice League. However, the character was recast for the Flash Movie, and will now be played by Ron Livingston. 

While Cyborg (Ray Fisher) was supposed to cameo in the film as well, those plans may not happen given Fisher’s issues with Warner Bros. However, audiences can expect a version of Supergirl to appear in the movie. 

With the Multiverse being introduced, The Flash movie might be the entry point into the idea of multiple realities and characters, similar to what’s been in the comics for years. 

The Flash is set to arrive in theatres in November 4, 2022. 

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