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The Flash movie recasts Barry Allen’s dad

The Flash movie recasts Barry Allen's dad
Ezra Miller as The Flash. Pic credit: Warner Bros.

We reported last week that Billy Crudup had pulled out of his role as Henry Allen, the father of The Flash in the DCEU, due to scheduling conflicts.

Warner Bros. didn’t wait long to find his replacement.

Ron Livingston has replaced Crudup as Henry Allen in the upcoming The Flash movie, which is supposed to tell the Flashpoint story from DC Comics.

Who is The Flash’s dad?

Henry Allen is Barry Allen’s father and has been serving time in prison since the death of Flash’s mother. However, Henry is innocent of the murder and Barry wanted to become a police officer to help clear his dad’s name of the crime.

In Justice League, Billy Crudup played Henry Allen. He was in prison and was seen twice in the movie. The first time, he asked Barry to forget about him since he was a lost cause. The second, Barry showed his dad that he got a job with the police department.

In Flashpoint, Barry Allen races back in time to try to stop his mother’s death. Even though he knows this is dangerous and could destroy the timeline, he takes the chance.

He destroyed the timeline.

This resulted in Flashpoint, where many things changed. Bruce Wayne died in this world instead of his parents. Thomas Wayne became a Batman who had no problem killing while Martha Wayne became Joker.

Atlanteans were at war with Amazonians, and the world was on the brink of devastation. It was up to Flash, Thomas Wayne, and Cyborg to fix things. Barry had to say goodbye to his mother again and realize that his dad might end up back in prison.

This led to the creation of a rebooted world in the DC New 52.

Who is Ron Livingston?

The actor replacing Billy Crudup is a familiar face for one generation of fans. Ron Livingston was the star in the ’90s workplace comedy movie Office Space.

More recently, Livingston was one of the main characters in the ABC drama series A Million Little Things. He starred as Jon Dixon, a man whose suicide rocks the lives of all his friends and kickstarts the series. He starred in a recurring role in flashback scenes throughout the first two seasons of the series.

The Flash is directed by Andy Muschietti, who made his name by directing Stephen King’s It. The movie brings back Ezra Miller as Flash and continues the new direction of the DCEU since leaving Zack Snyder’s vision behind.

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