Flash movie adds Barry Allen’s mom and recasts his dad

Flash movie adds Barry Allen's mom and recasts his dad
Billy Crudup in Justice League as Flash’s dad. Pic credit: Warner Bros

The Flash movie will adapt the Flashpoint comic book series that eventually rebooted the DC Universe as the New 52.

That series saw Flash reverse time and bring his mother back from the dead by saving her life in the past. However, this one action changed everything and created a DC where Bruce Wayne died as a child and Thomas Wayne took on a role as a vindictive Batman.

There were many other changes, but the main one for Flash saw his mother back from the dead, his dad never accused of the murder, and Barry deciding if his happiness was more important than the fate of the world.

With Barry’s mother playing such an important role, it makes sense that DC needed to bring in a new actress to play her.

The Flash movie casts Barry Allen’s mother

Warner Bros cast Maribel Verdú to star as Barr Allen’s mother.

Verdú starred in Guillermo Del Toro’s masterpiece, Pan’s Labyrinth, as Mercedes, the housekeeper, a compassionate revolutionary during the Spanish Civil War. She was one of the key characters to help the young Ofelia get through her short life.

Verdú also starred in Y tu mamá también, the breakout hit from Alfoso Cuarón. She was one of the three leads, alongside Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna.

She has picked up several nominations from the Goya Awards, which is Spain’s version of the Oscars. She has 11 nominations for either Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress, winning two of the Best Actress awards.

The Flash movie recasts Barry Allen’s dad

With the good news, comes the bad news.

Billy Crudup, who played Barry’s dad Henry Allen in Justice League, has had to drop out of the DCEU and the role due to scheduling conflicts. Crudup is one of the stars of AppleTV+’s The Morning Show.

Since Crudup had to pull out and Allen is an important part of The Flash’s story, Warner Bros has to recast the role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, instead of waiting for Crudup to return, “The part of Barry Allen’s father will be recast. It was not written out.”

This news also came after the casting of Flash’s love interest, Iris West, by Kiersey Clemons.

Also appearing in The Flash will be at least two Batmen, with Ben Affleck returning for his DCEU role and Michael Keaton returning to the role he last played in 1992’s Batman Returns. There are rumors that Keaton will play Thomas Wayne, though, in the Flashpoint world.

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