Spider-Man 3 cast trolls fans with new images, fake titles

Production still from Spider-Man: No Way Home.
Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon and Zendaya star in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Pic credit: Marvel Studios

One of the biggest questions regarding the upcoming Spider-Man 3 is just what the title is going to be.

For a few hours, it appeared that star Tom Holland had revealed it to fans…only for his co-stars to show it was actually a big gag.


Spider-Man 3 is expected to have “home” in the title to fit the previous two films, Homecoming and Far From Home.

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The film picks up where Far From Home left off as not only was Peter Parker framed for the attacks of the evil Mysterio but had his true identity exposed to the world.

The third film’s plot is tight but expected to have Peter on the run while dealing with new threats.

On Tuesday night, Holland shared a new image from the film alongside what appeared to be the sequel’s title, Phone Home.

However, within minutes, Jacob Batalon (who plays Ned Leeds) claimed the title was Home-Wrecker.

Finally, Zendaya, who plays MJ, claimed the title was Home Slice.

The fake titles appear to be Holland poking fun at how he’s given away some big Marvel spoilers in the past (such as Peter being “dusted” in Infinity War). They could also be the producers having fun hiding what the real title is.

The real scoop

While the titles were obviously fake, the new photos of Holland, Batalon and Zendaya on set are real.

They show Peter, Ned, and MJ in an underground chamber and going over records. This indicates the trio is on a search of some kind.

A recent casting call indicates a major scene will take place at a courthouse. This could involve Peter facing charges connected to being Spider-Man and the false accusations of being behind Mysterio’s attacks.

This ties in to the rumors that Charlie Cox will reprise his role as Matt Murdock to defend Peter. The released images could be Ned and MJ trying to aid Peter in finding evidence to clear his name.

The possible Spider-Verse

Appearing on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Holland once more debunked the rumors that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield would appear for a live-action Spiderverse film.

” I’ve read the script from the beginning to the end, it would’ve been a miracle if they could’ve kept that from me. At the moment, there is no cameo from the two boys.”

However, Holland has admitted that the script for the film is still being written during filming which means he may not be privy to some story turns

While the title may still be secret, the images confirm the film is preparing to thrill fans with Spidey’s amazing friends giving him a helping hand.

Spider-Man 3 premieres in theaters on December 17, 2021

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