William ‘will feel sick to the pit of his stomach’ at Harry and Meghan’s Emmy nomination, royal expert claims

Prince William
Prince William is upset about Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview Emmy nomination, royal expert claimed. Pic credit: ©

A royal expert has claimed that Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, “will feel sick to the pit of his stomach at Harry and Meghan’s Emmys nod.”

Monsters & Critics reported that Meghan and Harry’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey was nominated for an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Hosted Nonfiction Series or Special category.

The interview was nominated alongside shows such as Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy and My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman.

“Emmy nod is more bad news” for William and Royal Family, royal expert claims

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe told OK! Magazine that the “Emmy nod” was “more bad news for the royals” and that William and other senior members of the Royal Family are very upset.

“William will feel sick to the pit of his stomach at Harry and Meghan’s Emmys nod. The interview was an attack on his family and his wife and is now being heralded as one of the entertainment moments of the year,” royal expert Larcombe said, according to Express.

“The Emmys nod is more bad news for the royals,” he continued. “It means that as awards gain momentum, once again Harry and Meghan’s attack on the institution will be repeated over and over again.”

Larcombe’s latest comments come after he warned that the Royal Family should expect more attacks against them by Meghan and Harry.

He said that William is “dreading” Meghan and Harry’s next move and that the Duke will have to carefully consider the Royal Family’s response to future attacks.

Meghan and Harry made explosive allegations against the Royal Family

According to Larcombe, William and senior members of the Royal Family are upset about the Emmy nomination because the Oprah interview will get more media exposure. The media exposure will help to draw more attention to the explosive allegations the Sussexes made against the Royals.

The Sussexes accused the Royal Family of racism during the Oprah interview. Meghan claimed the Royals did not want their son Archie to be a prince because of his mixed heritage. They also alleged that members of the Royal Family voiced concern about Archie’s skin tone before he was born.

The Duchess of Sussex said she believed the Royal who first made the alleged racially charged remarks thought it would be a problem if Archie was dark-skinned.

The Sussexes also alleged that the Royals gave Kate and her children preferential treatment and Palace aides refused to help when Meghan complained she was having suicidal thoughts.

William isn’t “taking any more nonsense” from Meghan and Harry

The latest development also comes after a royal watcher said William won’t be “taking any more nonsense” from Meghan and Harry and that he is taking a tougher stance against them.

Royal watcher Charlotte Griffiths claimed the Duke of Cambridge was leading the fightback against Meghan and Harry after they made damaging allegations against the Royal Family.

William, according to Griffiths, is taking “firm” and “tougher” action than previously thought.

M&C also reported that Griffiths told MailPlus’ Palace Confidential host Jo Elvin that the Duke of Cambridge has had enough of the Sussexes’ attacks against the Royal Family.

She added that William was taking “decisive action” after the Queen’s strategy of “smoothing things over” with the Sussexes failed.

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Janette Cunningham
Janette Cunningham
2 years ago

I doubt it, they have better things on their mind than to worry about an Emmy

2 years ago

William needs to get his jealousy and anger under control. Wha

Sharon smith
Sharon smith
2 years ago

Megan and Harry are plain rude. Harry is just being guided by Meg. No respect for either one of them.

Diane Slomkowski
Diane Slomkowski
2 years ago
Reply to  Sharon smith

I’m so sick of hearing about Megan and Harry. They chose to move to California. She is where she wants to be leading Harry by the nose