Prince William is ‘dreading’ what Harry and Meghan will do next, royal watcher claims

Harry and William at an event
Prince William is worried about what Meghan and Harry could do next, a royal watcher has claimed. Pic credit: ©

A royal watcher has claimed that the Royals haven’t seen the last of Harry and Meghan’s attacks against them and that Prince William is already dreading what the Sussexes will do next.

Royal watcher Duncan Larcombe told OK! Magazine that more attacks are likely to come from Meghan and Harry and that the Duke of Cambridge will have to carefully consider his response and probably change his tactics to cope, according to Express.

“What do they [Harry and Meghan] do next? That’s a question Prince William is dreading the answer to,” Larcombe said.

A source also recently revealed that Prince William was deeply concerned that Harry could deepen Megxit tensions and scuttle reconciliation efforts if he continued with his “truth-bombing.”

According to the sources, there were lingering “concerns” that Sussexes could drop more bombshells in the future.

Meghan and Harry will have to stop cashing in on the royal brand

Larcombe also criticized the Sussexes, alleging that although they’ve said they were glad to live their life as Royals behind, they haven’t stopped exploiting the royal brand for financial gain.

“Ultimately, they [Meghan and Harry] have to find a way to do their work in LA while not trading in on the royal brand,” Larcombe said.

“[Harry’s] revealed to the world that he pretty much hates his family and the whole system is rotten to the core, but by continually talking about the royals, they’re cashing in on the brand,” the royal watcher continued. “If they spend their whole careers selling that royal brand, they’ll never speak to William again.”

Tensions have eased between Meghan and Kate, a source revealed

Despite Larcombe’s warning that the Royals should expect more trouble from Meghan and Harry, it has been reported that tensions have eased between Meghan and Kate since the Duchess of Sussex gave birth to her daughter, Lilibet Diana.

The source claimed that Meghan and Kate have been exchanging text messages and were on the path to reconciliation.

News that Kate and Meghan are working to heal the rift between them comes after reports that Meghan reached out to Kate for “secret talks.”

She reportedly reached out to Kate after Harry came under a heavy backlash. This backlash was sparked by Harry’s recent allegations and accusations against the Royal Family.

At first, Kate was reportedly reluctant to hold “secret talks” with Meghan because she was concerned that her words could be used against her, a source claimed.

However, the Duchess of Sussex reportedly advised Meghan and Harry to stop their public outbursts against the Royal Family if they wanted reconciliation.

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M Mendoza
M Mendoza
2 years ago

I wouldn’t trust that Markle as far as I could throw her bingo wings. “Secret talks” is a middle school tactic and you best believe everything you’ve said will be shared and used against you. When confronted Markle will be doe-eyed and say “Well, you need to understand that what you said was wrong and it’s my duty to let others know on a new Oprah special.”