Prince William is ‘greatly concerned’ that Harry may further worsen family tensions with his ‘truth-bombing’

Princes Harry and William.
Prince William is reportedly concerned that Harry could drop more “truth-bombs.” Pic credit: ©

Prince William is reportedly concerned that his younger brother, Harry, may further worsen Megxit tensions and jeopardize hopes of reconciliation with his “truth-bombing.”

A royal source told the Daily Mail that William was “greatly concerned” about Harry’s recent attacks against the Royal Family.

Palace sources also said there were lingering “concerns” that Harry and Meghan Markle could drop more bombshells in the future.

William accused Harry of ‘putting fame over family’

The latest news follows reports that sources said the Duke of Cambridge believed Harry was “putting fame over family” and that he had “gotten too big for his boots.”

The sources added that William felt “that success and Hollywood have gone to his [Harry’s] head.”

William was also reportedly furious with Meghan for the damage he believed she has done to the Royal Family when she accused them of racism.

Palace sources earlier revealed that William was “sad and genuinely shocked” by Meghan and Harry’s response to the Queen after she stripped them of their royal patronages.

Buckingham Palace released a statement that the Queen stripped the Sussexes of their royal patronages because they were no longer able to perform “the duties that come with a life of public service.”

The Sussexes fired back, saying that “service is universal” and they could still “live a life of service” after Megxit.

According to sources, William thought Harry and Meghan’s response to the Queen was “petulant,” “insulting,” and “disrespectful.”

Harry accused the Royal Family of neglect on his new Apple TV+ show

The report of William’s concern that Harry could further worsen the Megxit crisis by dropping more bombshells comes after Harry criticized the Royal Family on his new show, The Me You Can’t See, which premiered on Apple TV+ on May 21.

The Duke of Sussex said that royal life was a “nightmare.” He alleged that his family neglected Meghan and failed to support her when she claimed she was having suicidal thoughts.

He also accused Prince Charles of poor parenting skills and said the Prince of Wales made him and William suffer when they were growing up. Harry went on to suggest that Charles did not know better “because of how he was brought up.”

He alleged that Charles told him and William that “it was like that for me, so it’s going to be like that for you.”

The Duke of Sussex said he was baffled by Charles’s statement because he expected that a father would do everything to ensure that he did not pass on a legacy of pain and suffering to his children.

Harry also made damaging allegations on the Armchair Expert podcast

Harry made similar accusations against the Royal Family during an interview with Dax Shepard on the Armchair Expert podcast earlier in May.

He claimed that being a member of the Royal Family was a “mix of the Truman Show and being in a zoo.”

He also questioned Prince Charles’s parenting skills, alleging that he passed on “a lot of “genetic pain and suffering” to his children.

Harry suggested that his father, the Prince of Wales, mistreated his children because he was also mistreated while growing up.

The Duke of Sussex added that he wanted to ensure he breaks the cycle by not passing that suffering onto his own children.

Meghan and Harry also came for the Royal Family when they sat down for their controversial interview with Oprah. They accused the Royal Family of racism and said they did not want their son, Archie, to be a prince because of his mixed heritage.

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Margaret W. Stallings
Margaret W. Stallings
3 years ago

Harry and Meagan are both very spoiled people!!!!! The world does not revolve around them and the sooner they learn that, the better off they will be. They have TOOK< TOOK< and took all their lives so now I think that it is time for them to CONTRIBUTE something good to the world around them!!! God bless their children PLEASE!!!!!!!!