Prince William isn’t ‘taking any more nonsense’ from Meghan and Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William is reportedly not “taking anymore nonsense” from brother Harry. Pic credit: ©

Prince William has reportedly resolved that he is no longer “taking any more nonsense” from Meghan and Harry in the ongoing Megxit crisis and he is taking a tougher stance against them.

According to royal watcher Charlotte Griffiths, William, Duke of Cambridge, is leading the Royal Family’s pushback against the Sussexes behind the scenes.

William has been “very, very firm” and he’s taking “much tougher” action against the Sussexes than royal fans previously thought.

“Most people thought the main blame for the fall-out was not Meghan, but instead the brothers themselves,” Griffiths said, according to Express. “A new picture is emerging that William is much tougher in this situation than we previously thought.”

“He is very, very firm. He was much tougher behind the scenes very early on,” the royal watcher continued. “He was not taking any more nonsense from very early on it seems.”

Griffiths’ comment comes after royal biographer Lady Campbell warned that Meghan and Harry were taking unfair advantage of the Queen’s tolerance. She said that although the Sussexes were hoping to get away with it, they won’t because the Royal Family “fightback has started.”

William is taking ‘decisive action’ against Harry

Monsters & Critics reported that Griffiths told MailPlus’ Palace Confidential host Jo Elvin that William has had enough of Meghan and Harry’s attacks against the Royal Family.

He has decided that “enough is enough” and he is escalating the Royal Family’s confrontation with the Sussexes by taking “decisive action.”

The Duke of Cambridge decided to take action after concluding that the Queen’s strategy of “smoothing things over” with the Sussexes has failed.

“The smoothing over that the Queen had been doing very diligently, the moment Meghan came on the scene, wasn’t paying off at all so William thought he would try a different tack,” Griffiths said.

In related news, royal biographer Duncan Larcombe warned that the Royals should expect more attacks from Meghan and Harry. Larcombe advised William to carefully consider the Royal Family’s response to future attacks by Meghan and Harry.

Royal watchers also warned that the feud between Harry and William was not over and that the brothers’ body language during the recent Diana unveiling event showed they were making conscious efforts to hide the frostiness between them.

According to body language expert Blanca Cobb, the royal brothers might have received body language training to create the impression they were on friendly terms.

William may have leaked Meghan bullying allegation

Griffiths also claimed that Prince William might have approved the leak of bullying allegations against Meghan Markle.

William allegedly decided to leak the bullying allegation after concluding that the Queen’s strategy of “smoothing things over” was not working.

He allegedly tried to beat Harry and Meghan “at their own game” by allowing Palace aides to leak the bullying allegation to The Times.

On his Apple TV+ mental health series, Harry revealed that Meghan broke down in tears when Kensington Palace leaked the allegation ahead of the Sussexes’ Oprah interview.

Harry said Meghan believed the Royals leaked the allegation to smear her.

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Pat culleton
Pat culleton
2 years ago

They deserve everything that comes back on them. Prince William is right to fight them back. The queen is too soft with them. If he was my grandson I would never forgive them for the hurt they have put on the RF.

Richard Prior
Richard Prior
2 years ago

As far as I am concerned – no Royalty supporting member of the British Public would wish to see Henry Meghan and Tribe back in the UK ever again.

They are ostracised from the British Public. No show is the order of the day as per Edward & Mrs Simpson.

Visiting their immediate family is another matter, but I never want to see any of them on a Royal platform and the Media should be commanded to ignore them whilst in Britain.

Robyn Marks
Robyn Marks
2 years ago
Reply to  Richard Prior

just say there was a good reason we kicked Brit royalty out of this country over 200 years ago. The way the so called “royals” are acting shows that we were right!

Robyn Marks
Robyn Marks
2 years ago

William is a stuck up prig with inflated sense of his importance. Oh yes, the title is so much more important than his relationship with his brother. No wonder Harry wanted to leave!