Tyrese Gibson reveals his mom is in the ICU in a coma with COVID-19 and pneumonia

tyrese gibson shares update about mom icu coma covid 19 pneumonia
Tyrese Gibson revealed his mother is currently in the ICU with COVID-19 and Pneumonia. Pic credit: ©

Actor Tyrese Gibson is asking for his family, friends, and followers to send prayers for his mother as she’s in a coma in the ICU.

The 43-year-old revealed that while filming for a movie, he learned that his mom, Priscilla Murray, is battling COVID-19 and pneumonia.

Gibson took to Instagram to share several posts about the situation, beginning with an update on Sunday, where he says he received “the worst phone call” of his life.

Tyrese Gibson gives tough update about mother’s condition

On Sunday, actor Tyrese Gibson took to Instagram to share the difficult news he received about his mother. He included a photo of himself on set with his eyes closed.

The 43-year-old Fast & Furious star says he’d been filming when he received the “worst call phone call” he’s ever had and asked the director to let him “pause for a second” and pray.

“My mother is in a coma, in ICU, with Pneumonia and she caught Covid they got her so sedated she can’t breathe or even eat on her own……. This has been going on all week I haven’t posted [I’m doing it this time cause I feel helpless this is my cry for help….,” he shared in his IG post.

“I need prayers the most sincere prayers from you prayer warriors…. Hold on mother I’m there by your side in a few days….. God is able to do things, he’s pulled you OUT of a coma before….. Oh God I seen the light things have been going so well…. Now this…,” he shared.

He asks for prayers and for all prayer warriors to help pray for his mother’s situation to improve.

“Text me don’t call I don’t have any words right now fight mother please fight,” Tyrese wrote in his IG caption (below).

tyrese shares covid icu update about mother on instagram
Pic credit: @tyrese/Instagram

Tyrese shared several more Instagram photo updates following the message above, one of which has him with his mother by his side.

“Mother we need you and love you please keep fighting….. [ see my last post ],” he wrote in the caption.

“Sincere prayer warriors my mother needs you now more than ever….,” Tyrese wrote in asking for prayers and support for his mother.

The actor also shared a photo of his feet while onboard a plane. In the caption, he mentions his director allowed him to leave during the filming schedule to be with his mother.

“When the director has a heart and compassion they will re-arrange a wall to wall shooting schedule to help me get to my mother….. Mother your son is on his way the Lord Jesus Christ is the man you introduced me to and I believe that Jesus is going to turn this all around miracles miracles miracles today in Jesus holy name amen!” Tyrese wrote in part of his caption.

He also asked those reading to take things seriously with the pandemic before requesting specific prayers for his mother.

“Mother and the heavens I had so much more to do and so much more to accomplish and you are supposed to be here to see your son and grandkids win!!!!!” Gibson also said in his caption.

tyrese gibson shares ig update about mother
Pic credit: @tyrese/Instagram

Tyrese shares video update in hospital wearing multiple masks

Later on Sunday, Tyrese shared another update via a nearly 15-minute Instagram video where he is wearing multiple masks.

“If I can ask you for prayer I can also give you some good news about these blessings in progress……. If you don’t know you will know after you see this Jesus is real!!! [ 6 mask got my ears screaming…….,” the actor wrote in his caption.

He shares that his mother was placed in an induced coma to help her be more comfortable as doctors gave her the necessary medication to fight off COVID-19 and pneumonia.

Tyrese also mentions that he and his mother had their “share of issues over the years.”

“But as I sit here I’m thanking God for every breath,” he said.

“All of a sudden, every issue, every misunderstanding, the way my childhood was, how I was raised and all these different issues that I find myself holding on to, God has a way of getting rid of everything that you are carrying,” he mentioned in the video. 

In the clip, he walks into his mother’s hospital room to let her know he loves her and that many people are praying for her.

Tyrese is the youngest of four children, whom his mother raised by herself after their father left in 1983. He’ll next appear in the comic book-inspired film Morbius which stars Jared Leto and has various projects on the way. Per his IMDB page, the most recent movie he’s filming is titled April 29, 1992.

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1 year ago

Tyrese I’m praying that God heals your mom and everything will be okay soon God can do anything but fail blessings to you and the family much luv to you all stay strong!🙏
Luv Ya, Liat O’Neal❣️🥰

1 year ago

He better get her out of there because they will kill her.