Jason Momoa could star alongside Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious 10 after Dwayne Johnson says no

Jason Momoa and Fast & Furious
Jason Momoa and Fast & Furious. Pic credit: Universal/Warner Bros

There has been a strange war going on between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson concerning the Fast & Furious franchise.

Johnson appeared in the movies starting with Fast Five and the franchise saw an immediate jump in popularity.

However, he dropped out of recent installments, although he and Jason Statham appeared in the spin-off Hobbs & Shaw together.

The reason was a falling out between Johnson and Diesel, and the two have been unable to make things right.

Vin reached out in a public post asking Johnson to return to help finish the franchise for the sake of family, and it only made Johnson angry.

Johnson blasted Diesel for bringing family into this and said he already said no and would not return.

It sounds like the Fast & Furious franchise might have a very popular replacement.

Jason Momoa in talks to join Fast & Furious

Dwayne Johnson played Luke Hobbs in four Fast & Furious movies, originally an agent in the Diplomatic Secret Service who ended up moving on to more covert operations.

The most recent Fast & Furious movie, F9: The Fast Saga, ranks fifth in worldwide box office, ahead of Fast Five, but behind all three of the other movies with Johnson in the cast.

The series could make up for that with the addition of Momoa.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Momoa is in final negotiations to join Fast & Furious 10.

Momoa would replace Johnson as the big muscle, while also adding one of the most popular stars in Hollywood right now. There is no word on whether Momoa would be a good guy or bad.

As John Cena showed in F9, there is a way that Momoa could play both roles.

The 10th Fast & Furious movie shoots this spring and has a May 19, 2023 scheduled release date.

Jason Momoa becoming a major franchise star

If Momoa signs on to the Fast & Furious franchise, that would put him in three of the biggest franchises going right now.

Momoa plays Aquaman in the DCEU. The second Aquaman movie has finished filming and hits theaters in December 2022.

Momoa also appeared in the movie Dune, which has been announced to be the start of its own trilogy of movies. While his character didn’t have the best luck in the first movie, people who have read the novels know that his story is far from finished.

Jason Momoa also had some bad luck in his personal life lately as he and Lisa Bonet announced they are separating.

Fast & Furious 10 arrives in theaters on May 19, 2023.

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