Rapper Guero10K charged over murder of couple ‘mistaken for rival Cashout Ace’s grandparents’

Houston rapper Guero10K has been charged with at least four murders. Pic credit:@guero10k/Instagram

Rapper Guero10K, real name Christian Cavazos, has been charged with the murder of two grandparents in their 60s.

The couple, Ramiro and Rosalba Reyes, were shot to death outside their home in September 2019 after they were reportedly mistaken for the grandparents of Cashout Ace, a rapper rival of Guero, according to a witness.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Cavazos, 19, and Louis Santee, 22, have been charged with capital murder.

Investigators believe the double killing was a case of mistaken identity.

The alleged killers followed the Reyes family, who were driving a purple Dodge charger, as they were returning from a hospital visit.

According to an ABC 13 report, Ramiro was fatally shot when he rushed to aid his wife after she was hit with gunfire.

The killers reportedly believed that the purple Charger belonged to Cashout Ace.

Guero10K is a Houston rapper best known for his song Same Time featuring TrapBoy Dre. Investigators believe Guero belongs to a street gang named 10K.

Guero10K also charged with murders from Cashout Ace’s music video

Christian Cavazos is also among four people charged over a December 2019 drive-by shooting that left two people dead.

According to the police, Cavazos, Jr, along with Kelvin Badillo, Louis Santee and Roman Rise, ambushed rival rapper Cashout Ace as he was filming a music video.

“It’s hard to differentiate at what point it stopped being about music and more about murder,” a prosecutor in the case told ABC 13, adding: “Essentially, nine people were shot, two people ended up losing their lives, and one man barely survived. He goes by the name Cashout Ace.”

Cashout Ace was shot in the head. According to an interview with Say Cheese TV, he survived but had to learn how to walk and talk again.

Gonzalo Gonzalez, a University student and videographer who was shooting the music video, was killed. A friend of Cashout Ace was the other victim in the shooting.

Witness says Guero10K celebrated grandparents murder

A cooperating witness, which court documents show is Kelvin Badillo, told detectives that Santee and Guero found out they killed the wrong people on the news.

However, they reportedly celebrated because they thought Ramiro and Rosalba Reyes were the grandparents of Cashout Ace.

Guero and his associates allegedly committed the music video murders three months after the killing of Ramiro and Rosalba.

Christian Cavazos and the other defendants are currently in police custody.

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free guero10k .

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puss y wan ker

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Negative, Let’s not “FREE whatever his street name was… ” Let’s keep this child behind bars until he realizes how senseless his actions were.