Pusha T speaks on Kanye West and Kid Cudi feud and if he can help repair their friendship

pusha t celebrates fabolous birthday at Drai's
Pusha T at Drai’s Nightclub at The Cromwell for Fabolous’ birthday. Pic credit: ©

Rapper Pusha T recently dropped his latest album, It’s Almost Dry, which has received plenty of attention. Many fans and critics have praised the work due to Pusha T’s impressive lyricism and the album’s overall tight production.

A good portion of the production comes via Kanye West, who also appears on two songs on the album. Those are his most recent appearances in music since his Donda 2 album was released weeks ago.

One of the two tracks that Ye appears on also features Kid Cudi, with the latter making headlines in recent weeks when he said it’s the latest music he’d be making with the hip-hop superproducer.

During a recent interview with Sirius XM, Pusha T spoke about the fractured friendship and working relationship between Ye and Cudi and if he could do anything to mend that relationship.

Pusha T comments on Kanye and Kid Cudi’s feud

Pusha T is friends with Kanye West and Kid Cudi and features them together on the track Rock N Roll on his newest album. They recorded the song last year, before Kanye and Cudi’s public feud arrived when Ye said he was taking Cudi off his album Donda 2 due to Cudi’s association with Pete Davidson.

Since last October, Davidson has been dating Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and Ye has been vocal about how he dislikes the Saturday Night Live star.

While Push is friends with Ye and Cudi, he said he feels it best to give his two friends and colleagues their space when it comes to their feud.

“I think right now I’m gonna just let them have their space. You couldn’t even imagine the amount of like talking I even had to do just in regard to getting the record for the album cleared. Which is now proven to be like one of the hot joints from the album. I know the label’s gonna be like we gotta shoot this video,” Pusha T said of the song.

“Cudi is definitely very strong-willed man. He’s standing on what he’s standing on,” Pusha T said, adding that Cudi’s always been the one who stands by him.

Pusha T says day they made song was ‘so good’

Just ahead of Pusha T’s new album release, Cudi made a public statement in which he said it’d be the last music he’d be part of featuring Kanye West, saying “he’s not my friend” in his tweet.

“I don’t know where they going with this one man,” Pusha said of the feud, adding, “It’s so wild because the record that we did together for It’s Almost Dry, I just remember that day so vividly. It was like so good.”

“Ye started chopping the Beyonce sample. Cudi just pops in. I hadn’t seen Cudi in a long time. Ye hadn’t seen Cudi in a long time. Energy’s high. Pandemic, and we done found our way to like LA in this art space cookin,” he said of the day they made the track.

“And you know, man, just the things that happen. Brother’s fight,” Pusha T said of Kanye and Cudi’s situation.

In addition to Rock N Roll, Kanye West also appears on the song Dreamin of the Past, where he drops a quick but curious verse mentioning his “family’s in danger” when “daddy’s not home.”

Ye not only provides verses for Pusha T’s It’s Almost Dry but helped produce half the album, with the other half done by Pusha T’s long-time friend and producer Pharrell.

Since the new album’s release, Pusha T has been speaking on various shows about his project, sometimes mentioning Kanye’s production skills. Meanwhile, West remains silent publicly following his 24-hour suspension from Instagram, removal from the Grammys as a performer, and dropping out as a Coachella headliner.

Previous reports citing inside sources suggested that Ye’s team may be looking for a behavioral treatment center for him so he can work on becoming a “better human” and father for his kids.

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