Kanye West raps that his ‘family’s in danger’ on new Pusha T album

kanye west during appearance in new york city
Kanye West during an appearance in New York City. Pic credit: ©

On Friday, rapper Pusha T dropped his new album, It’s Almost Dry, featuring 12 tracks and multiple guest appearances. Amongst them are hip-hop stars, including Jay-Z, Lil Uzi Vert, Kid Cudi, and Don Toliver.

In addition to producing several of the songs on Pusha’s album, Kanye West also appears as a guest artist on two of the tracks. Both songs have Kanye reflecting on his situation involving his family and Kim Kardashian.

Ye first lets loose on the song, Dreamin of the Past, rapping that his “family’s in danger,” adding to the other lyrics he’s dropped in the past several months about his situation with Kim K.

Kanye West raps ‘family’s in danger’ in new Pusha T song

With Pusha T’s fourth studio album, It’s Almost Dry, brand new Kanye West music also arrived. Dreamin of the Past features Kanye in production mode, putting a Donny Hathaway sample to use, as part of a laid-back beat for Pusha T to expertly drop his lyrics.

Following three verses from Pusha, Ye provides a short verse, and it once again mentions his family situation during his public divorce from Kim Kardashian. Ye has been vocal about his co-parenting situation and trying to see his kids in the past several months, releasing several video rants and Instagram posts.

“Properties all across the board, this monopoly’s mine/’Came a minister in my prime so I gotta be Shyne,” Ye opens his Dreamin of the Past verse, comparing his religious journey to that of former hip-hop star Jamaal “Shyne” Barrow.

“I used to watch The Fresh Prince and pray the house would be mine/Coulda bought it, but I ain’t like the way the kitchen design,” he raps about his aspirations while growing up.

From there, Ye brings up his family situation in a quick line.

“Born in the manger, the son of a stranger/When daddy’s not home, the family’s in danger,” Ye closes his verse with.

The latest lyrical reference to his family joins a few songs that Ye unveiled as part of his Donda 2 album earlier this year. One of those is called Security and brings up a situation where Ye is trying to see his kids.

“Pops home. I ain’t getting frisked. I put your security at risk,” he repeatedly raps in one part of the song.

“Never take the family picture off the fridge. Never stand between a man and his kids,” he raps.

During his Donda listening event in Miami, Florida, West also played a sample of Kim K’s SNL monologue, where she praises several of his best aspects. However, the sample left out Kim K’s punchline about why she divorced West.

Ye alludes to Kim K fights on Rock N Roll

The song Rock N Roll features both Kanye West and Kid Cudi, the rapper Ye publicly went at on social media several months ago. In Ye’s verse, he brings up not wanting to fight when picking up his kids, seeming to allude to his relationship trouble with Kim K.

“I accepted you the lie/All the times, selfish, thinking you was mine,” Ye raps in his verse, continuing, “I showed up, then you arrived, I thought I could turn the tides/How I make it through the Chi’, get to you, and almost die?”

“Finally tired of comin’ and goin’, make up your mind/I ain’t come to pick up the kids to pick a fight,” he raps as part of Rock N Roll.

Recent comments on social media from Kid Cudi suggest that he recorded his verse on Rock N Roll last year. Cudi also indicated that it be the last music he’d make with Kanye West due to their public falling out.

West called out Cudi on social media months ago, saying he wouldn’t include any of Cudi’s verses on Donda 2 because of Cudi’s friendship with Pete Davidson. Davidson has been dating Kim K since October of last year, and West had been critical of the Saturday Night Live star on social media.

After weeks and months of Instagram posts targeting Davidson, followed by posts mocking or attacking comedians D.L. Hughley and Trevor Noah, West received a 24-hour suspension from Instagram. That was due to an IG post in which he directed a slur towards Noah.

It later brought about West’s removal as a performer at the Grammy Awards ceremony, where Noah was the host. Soon after the Grammy Awards telecast aired, it was reported that West removed himself as a headline performer for Coachella 2022.

Since that, West has been quiet publicly and on social media, with his verses on the new Pusha T tracks the most that Ye’s been heard from in recent weeks.

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