Kanye West sampled Kim Kardashian’s SNL monologue but left out the punchline

kim kardashian west on saturday night live
Kim Kardashian appeared as host for SNL in October 2021. Pic credit: Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Rapper Kanye West unveiled his newest music on Tuesday and based on many of the songs, his upcoming album has plenty of focus on his estranged wife.

Leading up to his Miami listening party, West, who goes by Ye, was featured in several other artists’ songs where he made jabs towards Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson.

One of Kanye’s newly-debuted songs features Kim Kardashian’s SNL monologue, which makes reference to her husband at the time. However, it only offered the part where Kim was praising Ye rather than the monologue’s punchline.

Kanye’s Donda 2 song included Kim Kardashian SNL sample

This past Tuesday, a Kanye West Donda 2 concert in Miami took place where Ye unveiled selections from his upcoming album, with plenty of reference to his estranged wife and kids. That included a brand new track called Sci-Fi which features Kim Kardashian in its intro.

The song opens with a sample of Kardashian as she delivered part of her monologue from last October’s SNL appearance, which poked fun at her marriage to West and their divorce.

“I married the best rapper of all time,” Kim said in her monologue bit. “Not only that, he’s the richest black man in America. A talented, legit genius who gave me four incredible kids.”

During the SNL appearance, that part was followed by audience applause and cheers before Kim continued with the joke. That’s also the only part of the monologue that played at the start of Ye’s Sci-Fi song.

“So when I divorced him, you have to know it came down to just one thing: his personality,” Kim said in the rest of her monologue joke.

Saturday Night Live uploaded Kim’s entire monologue to their YouTube channel (below) after the show aired on NBC. A fan account on Instagram shared a video featuring the Kim Kardashian SNL sample as it played during Ye’s Donda 2 event.

The sample was one of many surprises during the event, and at this point, it’s unclear if Ye has clearance to use that for the final album. He’s made it no secret that he has beef with Kim’s current boyfriend, Pete Davidson, a cast member with SNL.

Davidson began dating Kim last year, following her guest-hosting the show. That episode also included an Aladdin skit where Davidson shared an on-screen kiss with Kim. It also took place eight months after Kim filed for divorce from Kanye, who apparently had input regarding her SNL performance.

Ye even references SNL in part of his verse on Fivio Foreign’s City of Gods as he raps, “Now it’s time to give ’em hell/Ask my staff, I pay ’em well/This afternoon, a hundred goons pullin’ up to SNL.”

He’s also made multiple Instagram posts calling out Davidson for his SNL segment, which poked fun at Ye’s mental health, and even included SNL producer Lorne Michaels in the beef, making the SNL sample a curious addition.

Another of the rapper’s Donda 2 songs called Security, appears to refer to leaked text messages between Ye and Kim. In those messages, Kim talks to Ye about the scary nature of him publicizing his beef with Davidson on social media. The rapper shared the texts on his Instagram, as well as a request he said, came via Kim for others not to harm Davidson. All of those posts have been deleted from his IG page.

Donda 2 event featured jabs at Pete Davidson, Kamala Harris

While the Donda 2 listening experience included Ye’s new music, he also brought out guest artists for their hit songs which include Ye’s verses. Among them was a performance of the song Eazy which also features The Game.

During the track, Ye raps his infamous line, “God saved me from that crash. Just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s a**.”

Later, Ye performed alongside Fivio Foreign and Alicia Keys for Fivio’s song City of Gods. That particular track has the “hundred goons” reference towards Saturday Night Live.

In addition to those jabs, a newer song also included Vice President Kamala Harris. According to UK’s Daily Mail, a song called Louis Bags featuring Jack Harlow had a sample of Harris’ “We did it Joe” from November 2020.

As of this report, Kanye West has yet to officially release his Donda 2 album, which he announced last week would exclusively drop on his Stem Player. The item has a price tag of $200 and allows listeners to split songs into stems and use various audio effects to remix them.

The entire Kanye West Miami concert was made available for viewing on his official YouTube channel, and the video was still on the channel on Wednesday.

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