Pete Davidson’s Instagram is still empty but a new link in his bio feels like big Kanye West shade

pete davidson on saturday night live
Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson added a curious link to his Instagram profile. Pic credit: Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Over the past month or so, rapper Kanye West has made it no secret that he dislikes Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, who is currently dating Kim Kardashian. West, who goes by Ye, has been attempting to reunite his family, mentioning he wants to get back with his estranged wife despite her filing for divorce last February.

During the past several weeks, he shared numerous posts on his Instagram page aimed at Davidson, among other targets. In some of those posts, he referred to Davidson as “Skete” and called him out for his SNL segment, which poked fun at Ye’s mental health.

While Davidson had been very quiet regarding Ye’s Instagram outbursts, he joined the social media platform recently and now may have fired a shot back at the rapper as he put a clever link in his bio.

Pete Davidson adds curious link to his Instagram

Actor and comedian Pete Davidson previously swore off Instagram and social media overall, claiming it wasn’t a good place to be with his mental health. However, he rejoined Instagram last week and has nearly two million followers, as of this report.

One of those followers is Kanye West, although Davidson has yet to follow him back. Upon rejoining the social media platform, the SNL star only followed two people, his girlfriend Kim Kardashian and actor Sebastian Stan.

He’s since added the Staten Island FerryHawks, a team from the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, a partner league with MLB.

Along with the newer follow, a new link has also arrived in Davidson’s Instagram bio, pointing to a video clip (below) featuring actor Robert Deniro.

“But look, I figure it this way. Better to be king for a night than a schmuck for a lifetime,” DeNiro’s character says in the 10-second clip.

The scene comes from the 1982 film King of Comedy, one of DeNiro’s many collaborations with acclaimed director Martin Scorcese. DeNiro had the role of Rupert Pupkin, a struggling standup comedian with mental health issues. He refers to himself as the “King of Comedy,” which ties in with Davidson, who starred in the King of Staten Island.

Davidson, a standup comedian, has made it no secret that he’s struggled with his mental health, even praising the late Bob Saget as someone who checked on him and offered him help many times.

More than a few reports have mentioned Kanye West’s mental health during his marriage to Kim Kardashian and throughout his various public issues, including his presidential campaign. In a July 2020 article, an inside source told People that West was “struggling” with bipolar disorder. Mention of West’s mental health has resurfaced with his slew of Instagram posts.

Commenters pick up on Davidson’s ‘shot’ at Kanye West

Many individuals have left comments on the YouTube clip, initially shared in February 2016. However, there are comments left within the past day that reference Davidson adding the link to his bio.

“Damn, Pete firing sneaky shots,” one commenter wrote in the YouTube comments, receiving 19 Likes so far.

commenter about pete davidson youtube link
Pic credit: FieldFiilms Productions/YouTube

Another commenter praised Davidson for handling things as a male Scorpio truly would, telling him it was “well played.”

commenter praises davidson scorpio move youtube
Pic credit: Black Silk Magick/YouTube

Yet another YouTube commenter praised Davidson for handling the situation with Kanye West like this. The situation has included Ye sharing a text message between himself and Davidson telling the SNL star, “You will never meet my kids.”

It’s also included two different songs with Ye verses, Eazy and City of Gods. In those songs, he suggests he’s going to “beat Pete Davidson’s a**” or have “a hundred goons pull up to SNL.”

In another IG post, Ye indicated that Kim asked him to stop involving fans in the situation by posting it on Instagram. The rapper asked fans and followers not to harm Davidson, saying he’d handle it himself.

“Honestly, drama aside (well, drama from one side) this is how you handle situations. Some people will do anything to get what they want or who they think they own. Blame others, smear reputations, spew lies, publicly abuse then try to turn around and act like that abuse is a favor. Stay above it, maintain class and being true to yourself and people will show who they are!” an individual commented on the YouTube clip Davidson shared.

commenter on youtube praises pete davidson link
Pic credit: Courtney Rose/YouTube

Davidson, 28, has been dating Kanye West’s estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, since last year, following Kim’s appearance as host on Saturday Night Live in October. The two shared an on-screen kiss during an Aladdin sketch, and weeks later, the two were romantically linked.

West was linked to Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox since New Year’s Eve, but the two officially broke up last week. Many people questioned if the relationship was legitimate or just for show.

Since November, Ye has been attempting to win back Kim and his family. In the past month, he’s posted numerous Instagram rants related to parenting, his divorce, and Pete Davidson. He’s deleted those IG posts soon after they went up and, as of this report, has only a few posts promoting the Stem Player, an exclusive device to obtain his new album Donda 2 with.

Ye is set to host an exclusive listening party for the album on Tuesday night in Miami. With Kanye sharing many IG posts related to his beef with Davidson, one must wonder if Ye will react to the YouTube clip at some point.

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