Prince William and Kate Middleton become YouTubers after launching their own channel

William and Kate on YouTube
Prince William and Kate Middleton have kicked off their showbiz career by launching a YouTube channel. Pic credit: @The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/YouTube

Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are all set to become YouTube stars as they have now launched their own channel.

The channel will likely showcase the royal couple’s duties and charitable work.

Their first video was uploaded yesterday and was rather appropriately named “Welcome to our official YouTube channel.” It was disappointingly short at only 25 seconds, but it made up for that by being super fun, upbeat and cheery.

The video was presented in a very casual manner, no stuffiness and stiff upper lips here, and started with the Duke of Cambridge telling his wife to “be careful what you say now because these guys are filming everything.” The Duchess was clearly enjoying herself as she giggled her response: “I know.”

The footage then broke into an uplifting montage of the royal couple attending a variety of charity, parties, and sporting events. We also saw William piloting a helicopter and Kate shearing a sheep. All very normal activities for the pair. Oh, and waving. There was a lot of waving at people.

At one point, they showed an outtake from their St. Patrick’s day message from March, where the Duchess teased her husband about rolling his R’s. She said: “You don’t need to roll your ‘R.”

At the time of writing, the video had attained almost 1.4 million views and had received 68k likes. And their channel had received nearly 260,000 subscribers.

Second video highlighted Kate Middleton’s charitable work

A second lengthier video was uploaded this morning, which was far more serious in tone and highlighted one area of charitable work that Kate has been working on in the last year.

In her role as Patron of the National Portrait Gallery, Kate launched a community project called Hold Still which encouraged people of all ages to submit their own portraits. The themes of these portraits were to be  Helpers and Heroes, Your New Normal, and Acts of Kindness.

The latest YouTube video featured a selection of telephone calls from the Duchess to some of the finalists of this project.

The Duke and Duchess are already social media professionals and are very active on Twitter. And the last year has also seen them showing off their technical video skills as they’ve been required to work remotely just like everyone else.

Sarah Ferguson also has a YouTube channel

The Duke and Duchess are not the first members of the Royal family to have a YouTube channel. William’s aunt, Sarah Ferguson, has her own channel, which she mostly uses to read children’s stories. In February, Ferguson used the channel to announce that she’d become a granny after Princess Eugenie gave birth.

Prince Harry has gone beyond YouTube and will be releasing a documentary TV series with Oprah Winfrey later this month. The documentary will focus on mental health and is set to air on Apple TV+.

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