Prince Harry ‘sounded like he would be be quite happy’ for monarchy to be abolished, Royal expert claims

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
Prince Harry criticized the Royal Family during his interview with Oprah. Pic credit: ©

Going by Prince Harry’s comments during the tell-all interview with Oprah, a Royal watcher claimed he “would be quite happy” for the monarchy to be abolished.

Ann Gripper, who hosts Pod Save The Queen podcast, stated while there was no reason to believe the monarchy would last forever, it was quite surprising to hear Harry, a member of the Royal Family, sound like he “would be quite happy for the whole thing to be disbanded.”

“It sounded like Prince Harry would be quite happy for the whole thing to be disbanded, because he thinks they are all trapped and in a cage and it would be much better for people to have a choice rather than being in a zoo, to choose that life essentially,” Gripper said, according to Express.

Meghan told Oprah she felt lonely and isolated while living as a Royal

During the Sussexes’ interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired on CBS early in March, Markle claimed she felt isolated and lonely during the time she lived with Harry as a member of the Royal Family. She claimed she did not have the freedom to leave the house and meet with her friends.

She also alleged that the Royals were excessively preoccupied with their public image. She said that on multiple occasions, Royal Family members would tell her, “You can’t do this because it’ll look like that.”

She claimed that when she asked for permission to hang out with her friends, the Royals told her, “No, no, no, you’re oversaturated, you’re everywhere, it would be best for you to not go out to lunch with your friends.”

She also claimed that a Royal said they wanted her to “just lay low for a little while” because she was “everywhere right now.”

Markle said the advice shocked her because she had only left the house twice in four months.

The Duchess claimed that due to the restrictions of Royal life, she started having suicidal thoughts.

Harry also claimed he felt trapped as a Royal

After Markle said she felt lonely and isolated as a member of the Royal Family, Prince Harry appeared to support his wife by criticizing the Royal Family and the British monarchical system.

He claimed that meeting Meghan made him realize for the first time that he was “trapped” as Royal.

“I was trapped, but I didn’t know I was trapped,” Harry said.

He said when he learned about Meghan’s mental health issues, he “went to a very dark place” because he “wanted to be there for her.”

Harry claimed he couldn’t go to his family members to ask for help because he wasn’t sure “they would have the same feelings or thoughts.”

Harry said his father and brother were ‘trapped within the system’

Harry described Royal life as a “very trapping environment” and that his family members were “stuck in” it.

He said his brother, William, Duke of Cambridge, and his father, Charles, Prince of Wales, were “trapped within the system.”

“My father and brother, they are trapped. They don’t get to leave,” Harry said. “And I have huge compassion for that.”

William responded, saying he did not feel trapped

Prince William responded to Harry’s claim that he and his father, Charles, were “trapped within the “system.”

Us Weekly reported that William was “fuming” after Harry said he and his father were “trapped.”

“William is bound by his duty, but doesn’t feel trapped,” a source told Us. “That is a label that Harry has unfairly given him.”

According to the Sunday Times, a source close to William said the Duke of Cambridge found Harry’s comments “way off the mark” because he never felt “trapped” as Royal.

“He [William] has a path set for him and he’s completely accepting of his role,” the source said. “He is very much his grandmother’s grandson in that respect of duty and service.”

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3 years ago

Harry is a 1st class prick ! and as for his wife !