Paris Hilton slams beauty industry standards and ‘toxic’ filters

Paris Hilton. The Premiere Of YouTube Originals' "Justin Bieber: Seasons" held at The Regency Bruin Theatre.
Paris Hilton took aim at unhealthy beauty standards, saying the industry’s pressures to look perfect put needless pressure on youth to achieve something that is often ‘unrealistic.’ ©

After spending nearly her entire life in the spotlight and under the weight of heavy societal pressures to look perfect all the time, Paris Hilton has come out against what she deems to be an “unhealthy” ideal.

The 41-year-old socialite hit back at the industry’s pressures on young women to achieve certain looks, slamming modern-era filters that can make anyone appear to have flawless features and perfectly proportioned faces and bodies.

While many of her followers would undoubtedly like to have at least some of Paris’ seemingly-ageless beauty and good looks, Paris herself has said she is not personally a fan of today’s standards and wouldn’t know how to navigate the world around her if she were a young teen today.

Paris slammed today’s beauty standards, calling filters ‘toxic’

In a candid interview on the US TV show The Sunday Project, Paris spoke out against what she deems to be less-than-wonderful advancements in technology, telling host Lisa Wilkinson that she was concerned for today’s youth.

“I can’t imagine being 12, 13-years-old and seeing these beauty standards that are not real, and using the filters all the time,” Paris said, as reported by the Toronto Sun.

“I think in some ways it can be very toxic. It’s just … I don’t know. I think it’s not really good for someone’s mind at that age,” she added.

Paris said she likes when she is underestimated and can prove people wrong

With a hefty following of 18.7 million people, Paris is not lacking in the fame department, and the heiress only continues to stake her claim as one of the world’s most popular celebrities.

Just over two months ago, Paris re-posted her self-described ‘iconic’ Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial in which she seductively washed a car and ate a burger while bikini-clad.

The video throwback had fans reliving the early 2000s, and the post garnered close to one million views, with followers giving all their love to Paris for the sizzling reminder of her younger days.

Despite the halo that seems to follow Paris wherever she goes and the persona of being a ditzy blonde that was slapped onto her the minute she and Nicole Richie first starred in the reality series The Simple Life starting in 2003, Paris has said that she is not like that in real life.

Paris told Lisa Wilkinson in her interview that those who don’t personally know her almost always underestimate her while adding that she likes it that way.

“I played that character from ‘The Simple Life’ for so long in the public eye … I always love being underestimated. I love proving people wrong.”

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