Love After Lockup couple Clint and Tracie reconcile following drug accusations on Twitter

Tracie on Love After Lockup.
Tracie confirmed that her relationship with Clint is being worked on. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup couple Clint and Tracie are back on the rollercoaster that has been their relationship since the beginning. Most recently, the couple was seen battling it out over meth and cocaine on Twitter.

Despite the back and forth jabs on social media, and the confirmation both Tracie and Clint were using hardcore drugs, it looks like the couple is back together. She shared photos of them on Instagram and announced that despite the struggles they are having, they are actively working things out.

These two were fan-favorites when they debuted on Love After Lockup and when it was announced they would be a part of Life After Lockup, viewers were excited to see more of them.

Tracie was released the first time and married Clint, but skipped out on him on their wedding night and ended up stealing his rental car. He had to return home without her as she landed herself back behind bars.

Tracie has undergone a considerable transformation since she was released from prison the first time viewers met her. When she was released before the season finale of Love After Lockup, she looked like a different person.

Clint and Tracie appeared to be doing well following her second release, but that has all changed since the production stopped filming.

This past summer, Tracie was arrested alongside Clint in Texas. He was released, but she remained behind bars on drug charges. Her mugshot was unrecognizable as she had chopped her hair and looked like she had been through a war.

Tracie has since been released but is still waiting to find out what happens to her with that case.

Both Tracie and Clint’s appearances have changed since being on the show. While Clint admits to attempting to remain sober, Tracie hasn’t commented about her journey or whether she is trying to get clean.

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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