Lizzo whipped out her flute for a song on Met Gala red carpet

Lizzo playing a gold flute
Lizzo brought and played a rare, gold flute at this year’s annual Met Gala. Pic credit: @lizzo/TikTok

Lizzo may have brought the most memorable date of the night to this year’s Met Gala — her gold-plated flute.

The singer, who is also a classically trained flutist, rocked this year’s red, white, and blue carpet in a Thom Browne black silk ensemble that featured hand-embroidered gold floral accents.

Following through with the Gilded Glamour theme of this year’s Met Gala, the vintage bodice of her dress and gold accented overcoat had fans quick to admire Lizzo’s commitment to the event.

However, not only did the Good As Hell singer give something extravagant for everyone to look at, but she also gave something for everyone to listen to.

Lizzo played her gold flute on the Met Gala carpet

It’s about time someone played their own instrument on the Met Gala carpet, and Lizzo did not pass up the chance. In many clips captured at the gala, she fluttered on the “best flute in the world” that matched seamlessly with her gilded outfit.

“Rule number 1: Always bring your flute to the #MetGala. Rule number 2: Always be @lizzobeeating,” The Metropolitan Museum of Art wrote on Instagram with photos of the singer playing her flute.

Lizzo first debuted her flute, which she described as the “most beautiful flute in the world,” on her TikTok account. The flute, named The Dryads Touch, was a gift she received for her birthday on April 27. She shared a clip of her unboxing the hand-made, gold instrument and playing it for the first time.


Just got gifted the most ‘beautiful flute in the world’ for my bday— The Dryads Touch— ur watching my FIRST TIME playing it 🤯

♬ original sound – lizzo

Lizzo also said in a red carpet interview with Variety that the rare one-of-a-kind instrument costs a grand total of $55,000.

Fans admire Lizzo for playing the flute at the Met Gala

Although fashion choices are typically known to receive the most feedback at the Met Gala, fans were quick to take note of Lizzo showing off her musical talent at this year’s event.

“This one is going down in the history books!” One fan wrote about Lizzo playing the flute on the carpet.

“Lizzo won this year,” another fan tweeted.

Lizzo also reposted a TikTok video to her Instagram account from user @oldloserinbrooklyn of their review of Lizzo’s Met Gala 2022 look. The video showed a montage of the singer in her outfit and explained why Lizzo needs to be recognized as a fashion trendsetter.

“I feel like Lizzo doesn’t get a lot of credit for being fashion-forward and setting a lot of trends,” the user said in the video. “When I look at this [her Met Gala look] I see a fashion-forward, passionate ‘it’ girl on theme. This glam, the hair the nails the makeup is one of my favorites of the night, the long corset, historically accurate, bring the flute onto the red carpet, you already know I shed some tears. I just love this, I love her, I love the joy she exudes, she is a fashion ‘it’ girl.”

Fans also chimed in to show how much they agreed with the reposted video. “Not only did you show up, be on theme, but you showed talent at the same time. You brought the art,” user @smc_1417 commented.

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Pic credit: @lizzobeeating/Instagram

When it came to her Met Gala look, many fans simply agreed that she just hit all the notes.

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