Lizzo claims we can’t ‘handle two Lizzos’ as she shows off her latest new look

Lizzo recently went out wearing a side-knotted, long t-shirt with her image on it. Pic credit: [email protected]

Lizzo has her fans seeing double!

The Truth Hurts singer, 33, recently showed off another wild hairstyle as she stepped out on the town, wearing nothing but a knee-length white t-shirt artistically illustrated with graffiti-style designs that included a depiction of Lizzo herself.

The portrait playfully portrayed Lizzo holding a phone in front of her to take a selfie, her hair jet-black and long and pulled halfway up onto her head and her smile in a hilarious child-esque grimace.

The real Lizzo looked as hot as ever, rocking her new hair-do and looking trendy despite the billowing, over-sized shirt that did nothing to play up her curves in the way fans have come to expect from the seemingly self-confident entertainer.

With her hair a spunky bubblegum hue, Lizzo gave a radiant smile for the camera and appeared to be having a fun time.

She jokingly captioned the pic: “YALL CANT HANDLE TWO LIZZOS.”

Lizzo likes changing her looks up frequently

Ever the fashion chameleon, the singer has kept fans on their toes with her rapidly changing looks.

Just one week ago, Lizzo debuted a 90’s-reminiscent hairstyle; her hair tightly wound into an array of golden buns and her lips a bright orange color with heavy gold hoops adorning her ears and her eyebrows barely visible with their blonde tint.

Earlier last week, Lizzo did what she does best and stunned in another curve-accentuating bikini while hanging out on what looked like a yacht, and a couple of weeks prior to that, she bared all in a multi-colored bikini.

Lizzo has cemented her place in the music industry as one of the most eclectic and vibrantly dressed

Since making her way onto the music scene with the hit single Truth Hurts in 2016 and her subsequent major 2019 hits Juice and Good As Hell, the barrier-bending singer has worn some pretty fashion-forward ensembles.

In February 2020, Lizzo arrived at the London Brit Awards show wearing a Hershey’s chocolate bar-themed gown, complete with a barcode printed on the bottom.

She later changed into a head-turning, strapless, glittery blue sequin gown with a giant buckle cinching up on one side to display some serious leg.

In December of 2019, the entertainer made waves as she strutted the American Music Awards red carpet wearing a super short, one-shouldered, tangerine-orange, ruffled dress. She brought along what seemed like the world’s tiniest purse, carrying the Valentino creation between two fingers.

The look later took the internet by storm, with memes being created about the tiny addition.

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