Larz: TikTok influencer claims he’s been hospitalized after licking toilet seat for coronavirus challenge

TikTok influencer Larz
TikTok influencer Larz says he tested positive for coronavirus after licking toilet seat for the coronavirus challenge. Pic credit: CBS

Larz, a TikTok influencer from California, claims he was hospitalized after testing positive for coronavirus infection.

He claimed he was hospitalized days after he posted a video on social media showing him licking a toilet bowl.

He performed the disgusting act as part of the coronavirus challenge started by controversial TikTok influencer  Ava Louise.

Larz, a 21-year-old from Beverly Hills, was lying in a hospital bed in the video in which he announced that he had been hospitalized for coronavirus, according to the Daily Mail.

“I tested positive for coronavirus,” he reportedly said.

The video was not available as of the time of writing because Twitter has since suspended Larz’s @GayShawnMendes account, PEOPLE reported.

Larz recently appeared on Dr. Phil

During a recent appearance on Dr. Phil, Larz and another TikTok influencer, Bameron, revealed how they went to stores, opened and licked ice cream, and spat mouthwash meant for sale back into the bottle.

Young people have been uploading videos of similar acts on TikTok and other social media platforms recently as their contribution to the coronavirus challenge craze.

For instance, Cody Lee Pfister, a 26-year-old from Warrenton, Missouri, was arrested for making a terrorist threat after he uploaded a video to Snapchat on March 11 that showed him passing his tongue over a row of toiletry at a local Walmart location.

TikTok influencer Ava Louis started the coronavirus challenge

The coronavirus challenge was started last week by the controversial TikTok influencer Ava Louise.

Monsters and Critics reported last week that Ava Lousie, who also recently appeared on Dr. Phil, uploaded a video of herself licking an airplane toilet seat.

Ava Louise took a lot of flak on social media, but she claimed that she did it to gain clout and as a social experiment.

She also claimed, bizarrely, that she couldn’t catch coronavirus because she was a rich young blonde. She added that only people who used Facebook get coronavirus.

TikTok coronavirus challenge and the raging pandemic

TikTok influencers are participating in the coronavirus challenge at great risk to their health.

The U.S. is currently a focal point of the global epidemic that has swept through many countries, including China, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Iran.

According to the latest stats from Worldometer, as of March 26, 17:37 GMT (1:37 ET), 510,645 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported worldwide, with 23,028 deaths. The U.S. alone has reported 75,665 cases and over 1,100 deaths.

In the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, licking toilet seats for the coronavirus challenge is risky and potentially harmful to health.

The CDC website offers information about how to avoid coronavirus infection.

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2 years ago

Has anyone heard of “survival of the fittest?”…maybe he’s not fit to survive.