Lady Gaga is a vision in a dramatic purple gown for House of Gucci red carpet premiere

Lady Gaga at the SAG awards
Lady Gaga hit the red carpet for the premiere of her new movie House of Gucci. Pic credit: ©

Lady Gaga stole the show with a dramatic appearance at the House of Gucci red carpet premiere, proving yet again that she isn’t afraid to be bold.

Lady Gaga went bold for House of Gucci red carpet

The Poker Face singer and A Star is Born actress, 35, stunned in a sweeping, see-through, royal purple gown, appropriately designed by the Gucci label.

Gaga showed off the gown’s lengthy chiffon cape by tossing her arms up above her head, creating a stunning wing-like shape with the material.

Sticking to a fashion choice she seems to prefer at many events, the performer rocked shiny black platform heels atop black fishnet stockings.

She had platinum-blonde locks, a look hat made for a jaw-dropping change after having chocolate hues since beginning filming early this year. Gaga topped off her overall look with some Tiffany & Co jewelry.

Heavy, intricate, diamond-encrusted earrings hung from her earlobes while a thick, bejeweled choker encircled her neck.

Gaga matched her eyelids with her gown, going for a royal purple shade that was accented with sparkles and smokey eyeliner.

Lady Gaga recently nabbed the covers of British Vogue and Vogue Italia

Life doesn’t seem to be slowing down for Lady Gaga who recently made a splash on the covers of both British Vogue and Vogue Italia, displaying classically-Gaga styles for both magazines.

She showed off her flawless features in various eye-catching ensembles, even posing nude with her then-brown hair teased up in a 1960’s-reminiscent style.

Lady Gaga had a rough start to filming in Italy after her dogs were stolen

Despite the successes of the year, the singer underwent major trauma at the beginning of her time in Italy for House of Gucci filming.

Not long after arriving in Rome, news broke that Gaga’s faithful dog walker, Ryan Fischer, had been brutally attacked and shot at close range.

The assault was prompted by the targeting of the singer’s French bulldogs, an expensive breed of dog that is often the subject of burglaries so the perpetrator can then sell the dog on the black market.

The attackers took off with two of the three dogs in Fischer’s care, with the third dog managing to escape and subsequently returning to comfort Fischer as he lay on the sidewalk calling for help.

In a lucky turn of events, Fischer recovered fully from his injuries and both dogs were found unharmed and brought into police custody by someone who was then considered to be a good Samaritan.

It was later discovered, however, that the woman who claimed she found the dogs in an alley was in fact one of the members of the group that had planned out the burglary. She was arrested, along with four others.

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