Five people arrested over Lady Gaga dognapping, shooting of her dog walker

Lady Gaga
Five people were arrested in connection with the theft of Lady Gaga’s dogs and shooting of her dog walker. Pic credit: ©

Five people have been arrested in connection with the robbery of two of Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs and the shooting of her dog walker, Ryan Fischer, back in February.

The LAPD confirmed that four of the five people involved in the harrowing incident are gang members and the fifth was the purported “good Samaritan” who returned the two stolen dogs.

According to ABC Channel 7 the suspects are James Jackson, 18, Jaylin White, 19, Lafayette Whaley, 27, Harold White, 40, and Jennifer McBride, 50.

Jackson, Jaylin White, and Whaley have been booked for attempted murder, with McBride and Harold White having been arrested on suspicion of being accessories to attempted murder. Jaylin White, Harold White, Jackson, and Whaley are said to be members of a local Los Angeles gang.

In the days following the attack, theories that the crime was a gang-related, targeted initiation circulated the news but police never confirmed or denied this at the time.

Theory the dogs were targeted

Police did express their confidence that the ruthless ambush was targeted given that French bulldogs can be sold on the black market for a hefty price and thefts had increased in the same area that Fischer was shot in recent months.

McBride is said to be the identity of the woman who allegedly found the dogs tied to a pole in an alley and brought them in safely to police. At the time of the incident, a distraught Lady Gaga sent a plea out on her Instagram page for the return of her beloved dogs, named Koji and Gustav, and offered a “no questions asked” reward of $500,000.

Police advised the singer to hold off on paying the reward until the investigation into the shooting and robbery was complete, including looking into McBride to ensure she had no involvement.

What happened to Ryan Fischer and the dogs

Ryan Fischer was brutally attacked on the evening of February 24th while walking three of Lady Gaga’s dogs in an L.A. neighborhood. He was shot multiple times at close range before the dogs were taken. One of the dogs, Miss Asia, managed to escape capture and returned to Fischer’s side as he awaited help.

Fischer was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was declared to be in critical condition. He gave an update on his Instagram page on March 1, recounting the horrible ordeal he went through and calling Miss Asia his “guardian angel.”

On March 2 he gave a more detailed update on his health and status, saying, “I am still in recovery from a very close call with death and have kept myself (for the most part, I mean I am human) from the growing media story.

“I will write and say more later, but the gratitude for all the love I feel from around this planet is immense and intense. I felt your healing support! Thank you.

“I am humbled and grateful that attention and focus from the police were enough to get Koji and Gustav back to safety, and I know they are committed to bringing these criminals and attempted murderers to justice. I am so appreciative of everything you continue to do.”

Fischer concluded his post by thanking his friends, family, and Lady Gaga for their support as he recovered.

Police have yet to release full details about what led them to make the arrests and there is no word yet from Lady Gaga on the breaking news as she continues to film House of Gucci in Italy.

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3 years ago

Lets see the photos of the accused CRIMINALS!