Lady Gaga’s dog walker shot, star offers $500,000 ‘no questions asked’ reward

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has offered a huge $500,000 reward for the recovery of her two stolen French bulldogs. Pic credit: ©

Lady Gaga is known to be very protective of her dogs, which is why she is reportedly offering a $500,000 no-questions-asked reward for the return of her two French bulldogs, which were stolen on Wednesday night.

Her dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was shot four times in the chest before the culprits made off with two of the singer’s dogs – Koji and Gustav.

Cops found Fischer unconscious and barely breathing, and he was taken to hospital in critical condition.

Fischer posted a video to Instagram of him singing to the dogs just six days before the attack. He is also believed to be Lady Gaga’s assistant and is said to be recovering well.

The shooting occurred on Wednesday, February 24 in West Hollywood as part of a dog-napping. According to Los Angeles Police Department, two suspects fled the scene in a white vehicle, along with Koji and Gustav.

The attack was carried out using a semi-automatic gun, which has yet to be recovered.

How many dogs does Lady Gaga have?

Over lockdown, Lady Gaga has been flaunting her love for her pampered pooches in an array of photos on Instagram.

She has three French bulldogs, with Miss Asia being the only one to make it home safely after she managed to get away and was recovered by police.

Following in her owner’s footsteps, Miss Asia even has her own Instagram account, which boasts an impressive 222k followers.

World-renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld even dubbed the French bulldog “the most famous dog on the internet”.

In 2015, Miss Asia became the face of Coach, a luxury fashion brand for dogs

Announcing the news on Instagram, Gaga tagged her canine companion as she wrote “I get hooked up with the finest in puppy products, so I really have a knack for what’s quality. My vision is to find creative and functional ways for pets and their owners to bond!”

Gaga has always been very vocal when it comes to expressing her love for her animals.

Speaking about Miss Asia to Lagerfeld in 2014, the singer divulged “She is a very romantic and loving animal, and this sort of poetry is what art is all about, I think. Interaction. She loves to sit with me when I record jazz. She never barks or makes noise; she just looks at me with her big ears.”

French bulldogs are a highly sought-after breed, making them liable targets for theft. Puppies will often sell for an average of $2000, while those with exceptional lineage can fetch as much as a jaw-dropping $10,000.

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