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Lady Gaga goes nude for Vogue Italia, also nabs cover of December’s British Vogue for two dramatic photo shoots

Lady Gaga snagged both the cover of Vogue Italia and British Vogue to tie off the year and showed some serious skin in the process. Pic credit: ©ImageCollectAgency/Acepixs

Lady Gaga is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

The talented singer and actress, who is anticipating the upcoming November 24 release of her latest film House of Gucci, nabbed not one but two magazine covers for Vogue, scoring both Vogue Italia and British Vogue.

Lady Gaga brought back some of her older and bolder style back to Vogue

Gaga flooded her Instagram page last night with multiple photographs of her covers and article pics for the respective November and December issues, and the looks are just what fans might expect from her.

Lady Gaga showed off some pretty eclectic looks that were in line with some of the more outrageous ensembles the singer was known for wearing in her more shocking days as a younger artist in the music scene.

For the cover look for British Vogue, the singer rocked a shorter hairdo with teal-colored, spiked-up bangs in a style very reminiscent of Joan Jett’s rocker look in the 1970s.

A gorgeous gold and black gown with a plunging neckline hugged Lady Gaga’s curves as two oversized, crinkly gold puffs winged out on the sides to really accentuate the dramatic and visually striking appearance.

For the cover of Vogue Italia, Lady Gaga was a little more toned-down as she wore a pale pink woven headpiece that allowed only her face to show through.

Gaga’s eyes were decorated only slightly with some barely-there shadow and defining sweeps of mascara to bring out her lashes.

Her flawlessly smooth face, which was contoured by the pink hood, was kept fresh and unadulterated with subtle hints of a pinkish glow on her cheeks and a muted splash of pink color added to her lips.

Lady Gaga posed completely nude for Vogue Italia

While all her outfits were stunning in their own ways, perhaps the most jaw-dropping photo was the nude pic Gaga shared as part of her shoot with Vogue Italia.

Staying true to her seemingly unwavering confidence, Gaga gave fans an eye-full with the black-and-white snap as she posed sans clothing in a semi-curled-up position that covered the important parts but otherwise left nothing to the imagination.

With some well-teased up locks creating a beautiful frame around her face, Gaga was a vision as she sprawled out for the pic, displaying some of her typically-hidden tattoos in the process.

One tat in particular really stood out on her thigh, and it was easy to see the details of the unicorn that had been emblazoned there.

Her side torso flowers and monster claw ink were hardly discernible, but the heart tattoo on her left shoulder was clearly visible.

The singer has never appeared to be too shy about expressing herself with her attire, or lack thereof, and took the internet by storm earlier this year when she shared a racy video to her Instagram page, wearing nothing but silken undergarments that showed plenty of skin.

With two incredible cover shoots under her belt and a new movie set to be released, it would be hard to imagine how Lady Gaga could top those before 2021 comes to a close.

However, as fans are sure to know, the singer often has something else up her sleeve and will no doubt end this year with a bang in true Lady Gaga fashion.

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