Katy Perry says she stopped shaving her legs after the birth of her daughter, Daisy Dove, last summer

Katy Perry
Katy Perry shared that she doesn’t shave her legs anymore since her daughter was born last year. Pic credit: ©

Life as a new mom and American Idol judge keeps Katy Perry busy these days and the I Kissed a Girl singer doesn’t have as much time on her hands as she used to.

Perry, 36, admitted recently that one area that has dropped by the wayside is personal care, namely in terms of shaving her legs.

In an episode of American Idol, Perry commented on the contestant’s voice, saying, “Your voice is a spiritual experience. It is other worldly, angelic. As a new mother I don’t have very much time, so I’ve quit shaving my legs. But when you sang, the hair on my legs grew an inch and a half!”

No time for the little things

She then propped her leg up on the table to show fellow judges, Luke Bryant and Lionel Richie.

In an Instagram live video Perry talked about the joys of motherhood and why letting go of certain things is worth it.

“I think that you realize that when you become a mother…you just have to focus on being a mom, And it’s not because you don’t love other people, it’s not because of anything besides you just want to be a great mom…So a lot of stuff falls away when you become a mom and it is the best job in the world,” she said.

Katy Perry talked about how she has stopped shaving her legs since the birth of her daughter. Pic credit: Twitter@katyperry

Perry announced her pregnancy in her music video for the song Never Worn White, cleverly hiding her baby bump with elaborate and billowy outfits until the end of the video when the camera pans out to show the singer draped in a sheer, flowy white gown that shows off her belly as she cradles it.

Enjoying motherhood

Perry was spotted earlier this year in Hawaii with fiancè Orlando Bloom, 44, and their daughter, Daisy Dove, as the trio enjoyed the sun and sand during some time off together.

She also performed her hit song Firework at the Inauguration of President Joe Biden in January, belting it out against a backdrop of a real firework display. Bloom said he was extremely proud of his future wife in a post to Instagram.

“One day our little girl will grow up and see her mother play her part in a moment in history that we hope will heal, we hope will unite, we hope, we love ❤️”

The pair have been engaged since 2019 and have been together since 2016, with a brief split in 2017.

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