Katy Perry pregnant: Singer having a baby with Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry
Katy Perry on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Katy Perry is pregnant and she used a music video to share the news with the world.

Perry is engaged to actor Orlando Bloom and this will be their first child together.

Bloom also has a nine-year-old son named Flynn, whom he had with his ex-wife, model Miranda Kerr.

The revelation of Katy Perry’s pregnancy was in two parts. She first revealed the big secret in a music video on YouTube and then went to Instagram to confirm the information.

The new song from Perry is called “Never Worn White” and it is very likely to be her next huge hit.

Below is the video where Perry showed off a baby bump and really got social media buzzing. Take a look at the beautiful presentation:

Revealing a pregnancy through a music video is a pretty epic move by the famous singer. When it comes to Katy Perry, though, fans have come to expect huge moves like this one.

Katy Perry invites fans to music video release

Ahead of the release of this new song, Perry took to her Instagram page to announce the worldwide debut. She promised her fans that it was really her making the post and not just a computer bot.

Fans who saw the bost (shared below) and tuned in for the big event were among many people who got shocked that there was a message buried inside of the song.

Later, also on her Instagram page, Perry stated that “it’s gonna be a jam packed summer.”

In the post that Perry used to tease fans with her new song, she can be seen in a flowery dress that covered her baby bump. It wasn’t until the full video was released later that fans got to see what she really looks like now.

Also worth noting on the Instagram post that is shared below is that the American Idol social media page congratulated Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom on the great news. Perry is currently a judge on the reality competition show.

Katy Perry is not the only pregnant celebrity

Singer Katy Perry — who is known for hit songs like Firework and I Kissed a Girl — wasn’t the only celebrity sharing big baby news on Wednesday night.

Actress Melissa Benoist — who stars as the title character on Supergirl — also revealed that she is going to have a baby in 2020 with beau Christopher Wood.

Now, all of the celebrity news and talk shows for the rest of the week are going to have a lot to chat about, and hopefully, fans get to see Katy Perry making appearances to continue sharing her joy with the world.

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