Kaley Cuoco talks new summer job, surprising plans for rest of year

Kaley Cuoco on the red carpet
Kaley Cuoco has an unusual summer job and plans for the rest of the year. Pic credit: ©

Actress Kaley Cuoco has opened up about a new summer job and her somewhat surprising plans for the rest of the year.

The 36-year-old Big Bang Theory veteran is super hot right now following the success of her HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant, and she’s about to wrap a new thriller movie called Role Play, directed by Thomas Vincent.

But after that, Kaley will be taking on a summer job that is a bit outside her acting comfort zone. And following that, she intends to take the rest of the year off!

Kaley Cuoco is taking up a summer job with Smirnoff

Before Kaley can put her feet up, Vodka giant, Smirnoff, has just appointed her as their Chief Summer Officer, where her responsibilities will focus on creating some epic summer fun. No, really.

Speaking about her exciting new job opportunity, Kaley said: “I’m excited to join forces with the team at Smirnoff in an effort to inspire all of us to have the best summer ever. The perfect way to reboot summer and get the party started is with the iconic Smirnoff Red White & Berry.”

In practice, this likely means Kaley will be fronting an advertising campaign showcasing Smirnoff’s products. She will be appearing in advertisements across the US and on Smirnoff’s YouTube channel.

In an interview with E! News this week, Kaley told the outlet: “I love that job. Love working with Smirnoff, love drinking Smirnoff, responsibly.”

In the same interview, the actress also spoke about her plans for the rest of the year. She shared: “I’m taking the rest of the year off.” This will be a new experience for Cuoco as she added: “I’ve never said those words in my entire career.”

Kaley Cuoco is now dating Ozark actor Tom Pelphrey

Kaley Cuoco also explained that her priorities and her focus have changed. Last year, she filed for divorce after three years of marriage to Karl Cook and began dating her new boyfriend, Ozark star Tom Pelphrey.

The pair announced they were a couple earlier this month by posting some sweet pics on Instagram.

When Kaley was asked if she’d be taking a break from her cellphone, she said that would be going too far and joked that that was a “crazy” idea. It appears that the actress is as addicted to her phone as the rest of us.

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