Jinger Duggar shares adorable photo of Felicity and fans are obsessed

Jinger Duggar and Felicity.
Jinger Duggar loves spending time with Felicity. Pic credit: Instagram/jingervuolo

Jinger Duggar has documented a lot of her life since leaving the Duggar homestead in Arkansas. She moved in with Jeremy Vuolo following their November 2016 wedding, and she hasn’t looked back since.

The two welcomed their first child in July 2018 and recently celebrated her first birthday. July was a big month for Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. They moved from Laredo, Texas to Los Angeles, California. A lot has changed since the couple arrived on the West Coast and fans are living for every moment of it.

Instagram is where Jinger Duggar shares all of her adventures. She has been into coffee shops and restaurants since moving to California. Jinger is giving off a hipster vibe with a little bit of foodie mixed in there. Her photos have gotten a lot of attention and fans are enjoying watching her transformation from the teen she was in Arkansas under the reign of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to the wife and mother she is now.

Felicity has been the star of Jinger Duggar’s Instagram. She celebrated her first birthday in July, and since then, her sweet moments have been captured and shared. The most recent milestone is Felicity learning how to walk. Jinger shared a photo of her little girl with a cowgirl hat and a rocking horse. The photo is garnering plenty of fanfare as followers are gushing over how precious the little girl.

It will be interesting to see how chaotic life has been for Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo with all of the events that have occurred since their move to California. So far, his parents have visited and Jana Duggar took some time to visit her sister as well. There was hope that she may consider moving to the West Coast, though it looks unlikely as she has returned home and headed to the Bahamas to help with Hurricane Dorian relief.

Until then, Jinger Duggar fans are enjoying fun photos and updates on her life via Instagram.

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