Issa Rae donates to GoFundMe for family of pregnant woman who died in fiery car crash

Issa Rae on the red carpet
Issa Rae has donated thousands to a victim’s family of a Los Angeles car crash. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Actor Issa Rae has donated money to the family of a pregnant woman who sadly lost her life in a fiery car crash in Los Angeles last week.

The 37-year-old Awkward Black Girl creator sent $2,500 through GoFundMe to the family of 23-year-old Asherey Ryan, who was eight and a half months pregnant when she was killed in the car wreck.

Six people in total were tragically killed after at least five cars were slammed into by a vehicle that sped through a red light at a busy LA intersection. The car, thought to have been traveling at approximately 90 mph, caused a shocking fireball.

Also killed in the crash were Ryan’s 11-month-old son, Alonzo, and Ryan’s boyfriend, Reynold Lester, the father of her unborn child. The family were on their way to a prenatal checkup.

Another victim of the crash was Craig Pitchford, along with two women who have yet to be identified.

The offending car was reportedly driven by 37-year-old nurse Nicole Lorraine Linton. She escaped the crash without serious injury and has since been arrested and charged with six counts of murder.

Issa Rae donates cash to help with funeral expenses for LA crash victim

Los Angeles native Issa Rae decided to help out Ryan’s family after they set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral expenses. The page was set up by Ryan’s younger sister, Shaseana Kerr, and, initially, had a target of $100,000. At the time of writing, $163,335 has been donated.

Rae gave $2,500 under her real name, Jo-Issa Diop, which, so far, is the second largest amount to be donated.

Other celebrity donations have come from The Big Bang Theory actor Kunal Nayyar and filmmaker Ava DuVernay, both of whom have left $1000 each.

An anonymous donor has left the largest amount with a $5,000 donation.

Nicole Lorraine Linton is facing six murder charges over LA car wreck

Nicole Lorraine Linton is now looking at six counts of murder and a possible lengthy prison sentence. According to prosecutors, the Texan nurse has been involved in multiple crashes before the one last week, including a 2020 incident where two cars were left totaled.

Referring to the deaths of Ryan, Lester, and Alonzo, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón said, “a young family was destroyed in the blink of an eye.”

Linton’s lawyers say she has a history of mental illness. So far, it has not been revealed why she was traveling at over 90 mph.

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