Oscar nominations 2020: Nominees revealed, when is Academy Awards?

The 2020 Oscar nominations were just revealed, giving movie-lovers a chance to start weighing in on who should win an Academy Award this year. Early on Monday morning, actors, actresses, directors, fans, and everyone else interested in the industry learned who and what had been nominated for awards this year. As usual, the nominees included


Movie review: Little is short on fun

For kids, wishing they were grownups is a fantasy about finally being in charge of their own lives. Getting sent back to school age is a punishment, although In the father/son swap movies of the ’80s the middle aged men longed to return to their youth. Little has a lot to learn on both sides.

Issa Rae posts photo with possible engagement ring

Issa Rae has fans questioning themselves after posting a picture on her Instagram story that features a rather large ring on her ring finger. Although it isn’t the focus of her picture, it’s definitely noticeable. The picture has fans racing online to ask if Issa Rae is really engaged and, if so, who she