Issa Rae posts photo with possible engagement ring

Issa Rae interviews Janelle Monae on A SIP with Issa Rae. Pic credit: Issa Rae/YouTube

Issa Rae has fans questioning themselves after posting a picture on her Instagram story that features a rather large ring on her ring finger. Although it isn’t the focus of her picture, it’s definitely noticeable.

The picture has fans racing online to ask if Issa Rae is really engaged and, if so, who she could be engaged to. Many fans think it could be Kofi Siriboe, but others aren’t so sure.

Is Issa Rae in a relationship?

The Instagram picture has a lot of fans wondering if Issa Rae is actually seeing someone or not. Rae is famous for keeping her relationships extremely private when it comes to the public, stating that “the one thing I don’t need feedback on is who I’m sleeping with.”

Many fans are certain that Issa Rae is currently seeing Kofi Siriboe, based on the projects they do together and a couple of social media pictures.

However, there isn’t enough solidifying proof that Siriboe is the man for Issa Rae. If we look at Issa Rae’s tweets, it appears back in August she wasn’t seeing anyone in particular.

The star is very good at keeping those details private. Issa Rae never brings up her romantic relationships for her fans to see. The closest that we get could possibly be her show, “Insecure,” since it is based on her life.

However, with her writing and there not being enough details available to the public, it’s still too early to tell who she could be dating or potentially engaged to.

Engagement or fashion statement?

Many fans are hopeful that this Instagram post was a very subtle way of Rae showing us that she was engaged and getting ready to settle down. However, many fans are still skeptical.

Issa Rae isn’t known for following societal norms, so is this really an engagement ring or is it just a fashion statement?

With no long term partners known to us, it appears very likely that Issa Rae’s ring is just that — a regular ring. She could have decided to wear that ring on her ring finger for a variety of reasons.

Maybe that’s the finger the ring fits best on. Or maybe it’s a symbol of self love, that she’s “married to herself” in order to give herself the attention she needs.

She has been working on a lot of her own projects as well as promoting them on her social media accounts.

There’s a lot of speculation amongst fans about this ring, but nothing revealed from Issa Rae herself. Since Rae doesn’t care to talk about her romantic endeavors in the public eye, it could be a very long time before we get a confirmation from her.

We can’t abandon the idea that this was just the best finger for that ring, and that it was nothing more than fashion. One thing is for sure, Issa Rae knows how to keep her fans on their toes.

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