Is Abbie Grace Burnett pregnant with a winter baby?

Abbie Grace Burnett during a Counting On confessional.
Abbie and John David are still newlyweds. Pic credit: TLC

It has been a whirlwind week for the Duggar family. The matriarch, Grandma Mary Duggar passed away last week and everyone is still in mourning.

During one of the many tributes posted about Grandma Mary Duggar, Jessa Duggar talked about all of the great-grandchildren she won’t be around to meet.

The part that struck a chord was when the Counting On star mentioned the babies who would be born in fall and winter.

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Right now, Kendra Caldwell, Lauren Swanson. Joy-Anna Duggar and Anna Duggar are all expecting. Each one of them is due in late summer or fall. No one has announced that they will be having a winter baby, so did Jessa just give the wrong time frame?

Rumors that Jill Duggar is expecting have been making rounds for years. She has not confirmed anything yet, but pregnancy is possible.

A winter baby would be born after December 20 and before March 20, so there is still plenty of time for an announcement.

Also, Abbie Grace Burnett married John-David Duggar back in November. They talked about wanting a family immediately. If anyone is next to announced, Abbie would be the likely candidate.

In fact, the couple hasn’t been very active on social media lately adding fuel to the rampant speculation.

At this point, Jessa Duggar’s comment has everyone up in arms. Did she reveal another pregnancy or was it just a mistake?

Anna Duggar is due toward the end of the year and if Jessa associated the typically cold weather with winter, she easily could have been thinking about her sister-in-law.

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