Harrison Ford looks as handsome as ever at red carpet premiere, after confirming fifth Indiana Jones film

Harrison Ford attends Los Angeles premiere of his new film, The Call of the Wild
Harrison Ford at the Los Angeles premiere of his new film, The Call of the Wild. Pic credit: ©

Harrison Ford stepped out at the premiere of his latest film on Thursday night and proved he’s still got his leading man looks, even in his 70s.

The veteran actor, who celebrated his 77th birthday in July, was photographed arriving on the red carpet of the Los Angeles premiere for The Call of The Wild. Ford opted for smart-casual attire and looked effortlessly sophisticated in a black blazer and dark denim jeans.

And while the Indiana Jones icon is used to performing alongside Hollywood’s biggest names, his latest live-action movie sees him sharing the screen with a very different kind of star.

In The Call of the Wild, the Oscar award-winning actor shares the spotlight (and the red carpet) with a rescue dog named Buckley. The St. Bernard/Collie crossbreed served as the model for the main star of the film: a CGI dog named Buck.

Buckley also walked the red carpet on Thursday night alongside the movie’s director Chris Sanders, and the pooch seemed to take his new fame in his stride.

The live-action/computer-animated hybrid film is based on the classic Jack London novel, set during the 1890s Gold Rush. It follows the story of a dog named Buck, who is taken from his happy California home and sold into a brutal life of service as a sleigh dog in the Yukon.

Ford plays outdoorsman John Thornton, who takes the dog in and shows him his first glimpse of human kindness. After winning the dog’s trust, Buck and Thornton set off on a Western adventure in the hope of finding gold.

Actress Karen Gillan attends the premiere of her new film Call of the Wild in Los Angeles
Scottish actress Karen Gillan at the world premiere of The Call of the Wild in Los Angeles. Pic credit: ©

Ford and his furry co-star join an international cast that includes Karen Gillan, Dan Stevens, Bradley Whitford, and Omar Sy.

The Blade Runner star appears to have taken some time off acting recently. He’s only appeared in four movies in the last five years but made notable performances in Blade Runner 2049 and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

However, in an interview with CBS News earlier this month, the star confirmed that he would reprise his iconic role as Indiana Jones for the fifth installment of the action-packed franchise.

Disney announced the return of the ever-popular franchise in 2016, but fans have been kept waiting as the release date keeps being pushed back.

Steven Spielberg is also set to return as director of the new movie, which is rumored to center around the legendary Wałbrzych Nazi gold train.

Indiana Jones 5 is expected to hit theaters on July 5, 2021.

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