10 celebrities that ditched their spouse for a fling with a co-star

Celebrities aren’t exempt from workplace affairs. Over the years, there have been plenty of big-name stars who traded their relationships with their significant others for one with a co-star. Whether it was on a movie set or filming for a TV series, plenty of superstars have committed adultery with a co-worker. Oftentimes, celebs just can’t


Indiana Jones 5 featuring Harrison Ford is coming with a July 2022 release date

Indiana Jones 5 is coming — featuring Harrison Ford as the adventurer for the final time. Disney has announced that LucasFilm is producing the fifth installment of the franchise, which will be hitting our screens in July 2022. As part of Disney Investor Day, the entertainment conglomerate took to Twitter to make a slew of

Exclusive: Why there are no cell phones in Blade Runner 2049

The original Blade Runner showed us a grim future where corporations and technology had cluttered cities. The sequel takes us to the year 2049, but you might be surprised how technology has and has not advanced. Blade Runner 2049 screenwriter explained why, for one thing, nobody in the year 2049 uses a cell phone. “We

Ender’s Game Blu-ray Review

Although the film might seem a tad formulaic and the ending a bit of a letdown, Ender’s Game is visually stunning, features an engaging plot, and is well-worth taking the time to watch. The story manages to keep the audience hooked, but the ending feels a bit like a letdown after all the time spent