GMA’s Michael Strahan gets ‘kicked out’ of staff event for ‘arguing’ and laughs it off

michael strahan on good morning america
Michael Strahan got himself “kicked out” of a recent GMA kickball game. Pic credit: Hulu

Good Morning America star Michael Strahan was having some fun during a recent event, but his arguing seemingly got him “kicked out.”

The former New York Giants star now stars as one of the co-hosts of GMA alongside Robin Roberts and George Stephanopolous.

Aside from that, he still gets to enjoy his love of sports, as he also appears as an analyst on Fox NFL Sundays each weekend during the NFL season.

Strahan also works with the NFL for his clothing brand and his SMAC Entertainment company, where he’s been part of a football-related documentary.

More recently, he teased he had something new on the way but has yet to reveal what that project is.

This past week, the popular NFL star and TV personality also participated in a GMA event, which he revealed got him “kicked out” for arguing.

Michael Strahan gets ‘kicked out’ of game

Strahan’s love of sports carried over to what seemed like a friendly game of kickball for a GMA event, as his passion came out as a team coach for the Bad News Bears.

In a video clip shared to his Instagram, Strahan told his players to “beat ’em like they stole from us” and “Win on three” before sending them to the field.

Later, Strahan is seen dancing near his players and then on the field kicking dirt toward someone like a baseball manager might do to the umpire in a game after disagreeing with a call.

“You know what? You’re out,” a woman’s voice is heard saying as Strahan fakes being upset.

“Two bad calls in one inning,” Strahan yells from behind a fence, then yells, “The fix is in. The fix is in! We lost before we even got out here!”

Strahan was grinning throughout and laughed it off after his “ejection” from the game, so it was clearly all in good fun during the GMA event.

“That time I got kicked out of the @goodmorningamerica Kickball game for arguing with the umpire. LOLOLOL #OnceACompetitorAlwaysACompetitor
#tbt,” Strahan said in his caption.

Strahan returned as GMA host after absences

While Strahan was kicked out of the game, he hasn’t been kicked off Good Morning America, even though he may have frequent absences.

The popular TV personality often misses Monday’s episodes due to his work on FOX as an NFL analyst alongside former players Rob Gronkowski, Howie Long, and Terry Bradshaw.

In addition, Strahan is the host of the new Pyramid game show, often sharing hilarious clips from the episodes on his social media.

He stopped by Dancing With the Stars for one episode, as he was a DWTS guest judge for the competition’s Motown-themed night.

He was back on GMA this past Thursday, appearing as a co-host for the show and even trying his hand at cooking a pasta dish.

However, Strahan and Roberts were absent from Friday’s episode of GMA, per The Sun. ABC’s JuJu Chang and Rebecca Jarvis were in-studio to replace the regular co-hosts for that episode.

There were no explanations for Strahan and Roberts’ latest absences from the morning program. However, Strahan has recently teased that he’s been “manifesting a lot” and working on something “big,” which may have taken him out of the studio again.

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